Axial-Flow 150 Series

Case IH Axial-Flow 150 Series combines are designed to meet the requirements of today’s demanding customers. Productivity, comfort, serviceability and reliability have reached new heights with the Axial-Flow 150 Series.

295 to 442 hp
5, 6 & 7
Grain Tank Size

from 8.800 to 10.570L


Designed for productivity

Everything about the Axial-Flow 150 Series is about greater productivity. And not one minute will be wasted in servicing, with easy access to service points. On top of that, Residue management quickly and easily switches between spreading and windrowing, and ensures the even spreading ideal for modern farming practices.

Built for our customers

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  • Header and combine: perfectly matched!

    Axial-Flow combines and Case IH headers are the perfect match to maximise output potential.

    High grain quality and smooth harvesting under every condition – that is what the Axial-Flow is built for.

    • 85 mm lift cylinders - allowing 4,000 kg lift capacity
    • High-strength elevators to easily handle the largest headers
    • Excellent ability to pick up laid crop and minimise losses
    • Minimal maintenance means low total cost of ownership
  • Power meets economy: our engines deliver economic fuel efficiency without sacrificing peak load power. The secret lies in ensuring that the power is transmitted to the threshing elements and the driveline as efficiently as possible.

  • Single rotor technology: at the heart of every Case IH combine is the rotor. It has been developed to meet the most different harvesting conditions, all around the world.

  • Introduced in 1977, the first Axial-Flow combines stood out from the traditional straw walker design, in that threshing and separation were now performed by a rotor. At that time, the new rotary design was the first of its kind to be mass-produced and represented a giant step forward for farmers, with increased capacity translating to a significant boost in productivity. But while the principle has remained unchanged, with each range development Case IH engineers have utilised the very latest technology available to meet future farming needs.

    Axial-Flow 150 Series combines benefit from that same forward thinking, and incorporate some of the very latest concepts not only in threshing and separation, but also in areas from cleaning to unloading, from engine to transmission technology. The end result is a combine range built not just to meet today’s farming challenges – but to take on tomorrow’s too.

  • The best grain quality: Axial-Flow combines have always been acknowledged for thorough threshing and clean crop samples. If there are two things that a combine is rated on, it is how well it threshes, and how well it cleans. Chaff and straw have no place in a grain tank, and that is why Case IH puts a great deal of design thought into creating a combine with one of the best threshing, separation and cleaning systems on the market.

  • Get a head start on next season: regardless of how you manage your fields, the combine represents the transition from one season to the next. How you spread the chopped material matters for subsequent crop establishment, whether via full-, minimum- or no-tillage systems, your straw should be chopped consistently during the day and spread out evenly.

  • More in the tank, more in the bank

    • Top pivoted, inclined unloading auger allows enough space to safely unload the grain into highwalled trailers
    • Easy view to the unloading auger from the comfort of the cab without any obstructions
  • Watch your cash flow.

  • More time in the field
  • Best-in-class cab comfort: open the door to your Axial-Flow combine’s cab and step into a world of comfort. Long, tiring working days are made a little more bearable in one of the quietest, most spacious and most comfortable cabs on the market. With rubber cab mounts to reduce vibrations and an instrument console within easy reach on the arm rest, you can sit back and get the job done.

  • Productivity in all crops: decades of experience and constant development have made Case IH into probably the most successful header manufacturer in the world today. Yet Case IH doesn’t rest on its laurels. We continue to invest in in-house research in order to develop more effective, reliable and capable headers for a multitude of different crops. The product range includes high-performance headers for any combinable crop, for any harvesting conditions worldwide, and for any type of yield. And in each case, development and manufacturing comes from a single source – Case IH itself.

  • Case IH AFS: Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) pay for themselves. Take advantage of hardware and software – all-in-one and from a single source: the perfect solution for you.

    Case IH AFS stands for an extensive range of practice-oriented solutions that help you farm and manage your fields more efficiently than ever before. Take advantage of what is doubtlessly the most important advancement in modern agriculture since the start of mechanisation, and benefit from increased control, productivity, efficiency and precision. Case IH AFS solutions are logical, easy to use and intuitive, and they become second nature in next to no time. This is how we understand the demands of modern farmers.

  • AFS Connect lets you remotely monitor and manage your farm, fleet and data, allowing you to optimise your performance, productivity and flexibility. Efficiently visualise your equipment with little to no idle time. With all the information at your fingertips, you can successfully manage your operations anytime, anywhere!

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