Entry level, a cost conscious investment to get your jobs done. A simplistic flexible package built to suit your business. Its that straight forward.
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Multi-purpose workhorse

Today’s Maxxum tractors provide all the power you need, the fuel economy you desire, and the options you demand. So you can get all the industry-leading features you want – and nothing you don’t – on this powerful multi-purpose machine.

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  • Choose the standard foldable ROPS and you can keep working under low ceilings and in cramped spaces. Or go for the advanced SurroundVision cab, which you can upgrade with a range of deluxe cab options such as auto temperature control and cab suspensions, reducing vibration and noise as well as providing an ultra-smooth ride for long days in the field.

  • High-visibility roof panel for a clear view of the loader at work is optional on Maxxum cab models. Also, the roof panel opens for ventilated comfort for additional comfort.
  • There are two basic control configurations depending on which transmission you choose. Both are logically arranged to make you immediately familiar with the control layout. 2-speed Hi/Lo Powershift for the 24x24 transmission and a throttle lever with integrated Powershift controls for the 16x16 version. You will feel the satisfaction of achieving excellent productivity as soon as you put your Maxxum to work.
  • Several 3-point hitch capacity options allow for handling heavy implements. All Maxxum models feature lower link draft sensing to keep the load stable on the hitch, adjustable turnbuckles, telescoping stabilizers to control sway and flexible link ends for quicker connections and easier implement changes.
  • Two dedicated pumps – one with 40 l/min for steering and lubrication, and one with up to 113 l/min with CCLS pump for hitch and remote valves - provide reliable productivity and a maximum of 153 l/min total tractor flow.

  • EZ-Pilot is the world’s simplest hands-free assisted guidance solution. The steering wheel is turned for you courtesy of a fully integrated control module, which you manage via the FM750 display.


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