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More from the land. More from yourself. More from your equipment. Which is why we provide more. More powerful engines. More productivity-boosting features. More approachable and knowledgeable dealers. We provide more to better serve you and the needs of your operation. Let’s face it. Goals change. Needs change. The world changes. But the number of hours in the day never does. That’s why we’ve developed an efficient, multi-purpose tractor line with just the right amount of power for both row-crop and livestock applications – the Puma™ Series Tractors. It's reliable. It's durable. It's fuel efficient. It's PUMA.


Simplicity put in motion

Case IH launched its first CVT tractor in 1999 featuring the industry leading Auto Productivity Management (APM). This feature managing automatically the engine and the transmission revolutionazed the way to drive a tractor. The development of the Puma CVT has taken place over the last 5 years with the input of our dealers and over 500 key technological leading farmers & contractors worldwide, helping us to define the key features of the Puma CVT. The result is a CVT tractor of second generation benefiting from proven components and upgraded with the latest technology to achieve best in class productivity, efficiency and driving comfort. Today, CVT transmission technology is available on the Puma 180 and 225 models.

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  • The Multicontroller armrest is ergonomically perfect and includes a fully integrated joystick for control of tractor hydraulics.

  • Full Powershift Transmission (FPS) offers high switching quality for optimum performance. Gears can be changed without activating the clutch. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) provides ease of operation and high mechanical input for unrivaled fuel efficiency.

  • Power Management provides up to 37 additional horsepower and field PTO application for road transporting and PTO applications.

  • The ergonomic cab delivers an unobstructed 360-degree view. The A-post instruments and optional performance monitor keep important functions and vehicle performance data centrally located.

  • 40 kph at 1,450 rpm fuel efficiency, productivity and minimises noise at top road speeds.

  • The Puma tractors are designed to provide unobstructed accessibility. Whether you’re monitoring key tractor performance data from inside the cab or checking filters and fluids from ground level, Puma design makes it easy to maintain your equipment and protect your investment.



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