Patriot 350

Every drop counts. Ideal for medium and large operations, the Patriot 350 comes equipped with the best spraying technology, at the top of sprayers’ ranking.

Patriot 350

The new Patriot 350 sprayer from Case IH comes with a high clearance of 1,73 m to ensure superior quality application also at the end of the cycle in crops such as corn and sugarcane. With its engine and high on-board technology, it ensures applications with greater uniformity, performance and operational capacity for small, medium and large producers.

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    • Largest solution tank with 3. 500 litters
    • Lowest fuel consumption on the market
    • Excellent performance on uneven terrain
    • 36-meter boom ensures fewer passes and more output
    • Low Rate System ensures high precision in low flow applications
    • Optimal sprayer weight distribution: less soil compaction Learn all about the sprayer
  • The Patriot 350 sprayer comes equipped with autopilot and automatic section cutting, PWM rate control and an AFS technology package that make this farm machine the ultimate in spraying technology.

  • Its active hydraulic suspension and chassis rigidity ensure greater comfort and stability when spraying.

  • Ensures control of sections, pilot and automatic boom height and boom centring. Optimizes operation by reducing faults and overlap in the field.

  • It is an optional feature that ensures constant pressure and flow rate through nozzle-to-nozzle control of application rate and droplet size. Reduction of crop protection product costs with 36 virtual sections and curve compensation.


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