Patriot 50

The completely redesigned Patriot® 50 series sprayer combines timely, accurate spraying capabilities with a luxury cab, total vehicle control and real-time connectivity, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to drive profitability.
Engine Power
268 – 390 HP
Tank Size
3,785L to 6,057L

Patriot 50 Series

New Look, Same Patriot DNA

For decades, growers and custom applicators have trusted the Patriot® sprayer to take on tight application windows — but on today’s operations, it takes more than timely, accurate spraying to drive profitability.

No matter how trusted and reliable, it’s tough to teach an old sprayer new tricks. That’s why we redesigned the Patriot 50 series sprayer from the ground up — while keeping the Agronomic Design features that mattered to you most. Now, the Patriot 50 series sprayer combines those key elements with advanced technology and connectivity solutions to take your application to the next level.

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  • In our industry, there’s a lot that’s out of our control — input costs, markets, Mother Nature. The Patriot 50 series sprayer is designed to help you expertly manage what you can control to maximize yield potential: crop protection and fertility applications. Plus, with a wide range of configurations and options, there’s a model that fits your needs.
  • The Ultimate Operator Experience: the Patriot 50 series sprayer puts productivity first with a cab that perfectly blends simplicity, control and comfort.

  • Achieve Greater Efficiency With Connected Solutions: in today’s operations, it takes more than timely, accurate spraying to protect your profitability. With the power of AFS Connect™ and Raven Slingshot®, you have the unmatched connectivity, guidance, data and monitoring solutions you need to ensure your machines are ready for the tasks at hand.
  • Achieve Greater Efficiency With Connected Solutions: with AIM Command FLEX II advanced spray technology, you get the best possible chance at maintaining your ideal chemical application rate, pressure and accuracy.
  • Strong Boom Design. Powerful Tech. Built with robust materials, the parallel-link boom design packs superior strength without excessive weight. Advanced boom technology options are seamlessly integrated to take application accuracy and efficiency to the next level.
  • Light Up the Night: when you need to finish the job after hours, enhanced LED light packages are brighter for better nighttime visibility, use less power and are controlled from the AFS Pro 1200 display. Every Patriot 50 series sprayer includes front hood-, cab- and tank-mounted lighting and a center-section beacon light to help ensure you can operate safely while covering acres at night and during transport.

  • Maintenance & Tendering Made Easy: maximize time in the field and get tendering or maintenance out of the way quickly and efficiently. Everything is within reach with a one-stop service center, exclusive tip-wash station, ground-level connections and an open architecture design.

Available models


Patriot 3250


Patriot 4350


Patriot 4450


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