Austoft 9000 Sugar Cane Harvester

The highly-anticipated Austoft 9000 Series Cane Harvesters offer more powerful engines, intelligent hydraulic system and a raft of other innovations that allow for greater harvesting capacity at a lower operating cost. The Austoft 9000 Series Cane Harvesters also offer a factory-installed telematic system, which provides tools for fleet monitoring, agronomic management and data management.

Higher Productivity

Easier Maintenance

Lower Operation Cost

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  • The evolution of the leader

    A pioneer, a benchmark and a leader in the Sugar-Ethanol Industry

    The high performance of Case IH sugarcane harvesters results from over 50 years of product research and development, and significant investments to offer advanced solutions to the sector.

    The technological innovations offered by our harvesters provide not only high productivity and reliability, but also contribute to delivery of a raw material in accordance with industry specifications.

    • Cooling System
    • New Feed Rate Control
    • Smart Cruise
  • Technology that makes operation,  maintenance and management easier

  • The 45° crop dividers are even better. A new bolted base shoe reduces the need for welding in the field and increases harvester availability. The rotating toe is smaller, to reduce the possibility of soil disturbance. The side trim knife (standard) prevents the adjacent stool from being ripped out and contributes to better feeding of the basecutter. The side trim knives feature hydraulic adjustment from the cab (optional). Their hydraulic circuits have been changed from series to parallel to ensure greater efficiency, regardless of the power required by the topper.

  • The elevator features a reinforced structure and is fitted with the reliable and stronger Back-Hoe slewing system, featured on the Case 580M backhoe loader and the A9000 Series, and renowned worldwide. Its perforated flooring helps clean the billets. Its top extension of 300 mm (standard) reduces compaction, distributes the load better and allows for greater flexibility when positioning the transporter. The same benefits are provided by the top extension of 600 mm, totalling 900 mm (optional).

  • Designed to withstand impacts and long harvest seasons

    The 9000 series chassis is composed by modular sections joined by screws forming the main chassis. The main structures of the Harvester are also bolted to the main chassis:

    • Upper and Lower hydraulic tank
    • Primary extractor structure
    • Topper Suppor

  • The hydraulic system features intelligent piston pumps with individual electronic controllers that allow exact adjustment of the flow required for each function, without wasting power. The Closed Circuit of the traction system, in addition to the new pumps, also has an electronic fault system, which acts in an emergency situation, increasing the safety of the operation.

    Another New Closed Circuit is the Chopper System, which allows working at higher pressures and smaller engines, contributing to cost reduction and increased hydraulic efficiency.

    Due to the better efficiency of the pumping set for harvesting functions, there is less heat generation, allowing the system to work with lower temperatures in the hydraulic oil, increasing the useful life of the components and reducing fuel consumption.

    Another major evolution of the New Hydraulic System of the Austoft 9000 Series sugarcane harvesters is the high abrasion resistant hoses, arranged in an optimized routing, reducing the number of failures during the harvest, and contributing to the reduction of downtime and hydraulic oil consumption.


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