Axial-Flow 250 Series

Three models from 490 to 625 HP
Built for the challenges associated with high-yielding crops, climate change and the need to become ever more efficient, Case IH Axial-Flow® combines are changing the landscape of harvesting-technology yet again. With the latest features including AFS Harvest Command automated harvesting technology, the 250 Series meets the demands of large modern farms and contracting businesses: high-speed harvesting, increased threshing capability even under the most challenging conditions, and delivery of unbeatable grain quality. As inventor of the single Axial-Flow rotor design on self-propelled combines, Case IH continuously innovates to maximise your productivity. Feeder, rotor, grain tank, unloading system and automatic adjustments are designed to handle large grain throughput and ease your harvest.

490 - 625 HP
7,8 & 9

Work with ease in any conditions

The 250 Series Axial-Flow combine range incorporates the latest Case IH automated harvesting technology, AFS Harvest Command, which relieves the operator from adapting the combine to changing harvest conditions during long operating hours.

An option for combines fitted with high capacity grain tanks and unloading systems; this is a revolutionary, self-contained system which communicates with all key combine elements and optimises the combine settings according to one of four chosen strategies to deliver maximum capacity in any harvesting conditions.

In real time, settings such as rotor speed, rotor cage vane adjustment, speed of the cleaning fan and cleaning sieve openings are automatically  and continuously altered to guarantee the highest productivity and grain quality -  without driver intervention.

All types of operator will gain from the system, but those who are less experienced will particularly benefit,  as the combine now takes the necessary decisions to optimise performance.

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  • The new AFS Harvest Command™ automation system allows the operator the following adjustments:

    • Automatically-adjusted rotor cage vanes and rotor speed
      The rotor speed and new electrical rotor cage vane adjustment will determine the threshing and separation efficiency in all harvesting conditions.  Both are regulated by the new AFS harvest Command option, to control grain loss and grain damage. The rotor cage vane adjustment can be specified as a stand-alone item, either as a manual turnbuckle system or as an in-cab adjusted version.
    •  Automatically-controlled cleaning-fan speed and sieve adjustment
      Regardless of whether the combine travels uphill or downhill, and whatever the load on the cleaning system, AFS Harvest Command™ sets the cleaning fan speed and the sieve opening of all sieves to minimise losses and obtain the cleanest grain sample in the grain tank.
    • Grain quality camera
      The grain quality camera evaluates of the amount of non-grain material and broken grains in the grain sample en-route to the grain tank. These parameters are then used to optimise the threshing and cleaning settings - fully automatically.



  • Especially developed for changing harvesting conditions, the Axial-Flow Small Tube rotor is the key to the highest grain quality. Designed with a rasp bar configuration allowing straw to pass yet catching all the threshed ears, it allows operators to achieve high throughput and quality threshing, particularly in high yielding and tough straw conditions. The multipass effect, moving the crop repeatedly over the concaves, allows a gentle threshing effect to rub out stubborn grains, while the rotation creates high centrifugal forces, moving the grain without mechanical impact through the concaves. This Axial-Flow concept is the undisputed leader in gentle threshing and unbeatable undamaged grain sample content.

  • The Axial-Flow feeder has been designed for high performance, stability and easy handling. Equipped for the largest headers widths of up to 14 m and corn headers with up to 18 rows, the 250 Series combine offers two Heavy Duty feeder options, extended with 15% and 35% higher lifting capacity. The excellent lift height creates a ground clearance of 1.35m, aiding headland manoeuvrability and placing headers onto header trailers. While headers of up to 14 metres deliver massive volumes of material in high-yielding conditions, the feeder is fully up to the task. A wide and high feeder opening and stronger cast slats on the feeder chain, higher set slip clutches and an improved feeder transmission draw the crop in and feed it evenly into the rotor. Foreign material such as stones is pressed into a large stone trap by a rotating stone-catching drum, protected by a friction clutch against damage.

  • Whether it precedes conventional, min-till or no-till establishment, finely lacerated, evenly-spread straw provides the best start for the next crop, boosting breakdown and enhancing incorporation speed through natural processes. Choose from the integral chopper version or the Xtra-Chopping system to suit your requirements. The integral chopper is used for chopping or for transferring residue for when leaving unchopped swaths. Four different modes of operation are available: typical chopping mode, spreading long straw, and swathing with or without chaff. Straw from the rotor and chaff from the cleaning system are mixed and spread evenly during the spreading process, regardless of which system is used. And whichever mode is selected, it is a quick and simple process to switch from swathing to chopping, carried out from the operator’s seat via the AFS 700 Pro monitor.

  • The self-levelling cleaning system, plus adaptive cleaning fan speed that responds to the topography - controlled either by the operator or the Harvest CommandTM option - is designed to help regardless of the conditions and field type and crop you are working in. Part of the pre-cleaned grain is sent directly to the lower sieve, relieving the load on the upper sieve and resulting in an increase in cleaning performance while minimising grain losses. An inclination sensor initiates the levelling of the total cleaning system, which slopes up to 12% when working on side hills. This self-levelling sieve system allows use of the combine at full power and constantly high cleaning performance, regardless of gradient.

  • Grain tank capacity and unloading speed are key to output. With a 113 L/sec unloading rate, 250 Series Axial-Flow combines feature an unloading system of sufficient capacity to empty the grain tank within two minutes. The 8250 and 9250 models feature a larger than ever grain tank with an astounding 14,400 litres capacity. The optional high capacity (HC) discharge system empties at a rate of 141 L/s on the 7250 or 159 L/s on the 8250 and 9250, reducing unloading times in high-yielding crops, whether on the move or on the headland, boosting both combine and grain haulage productivity. The unloading auger is of a sufficient length to allow for a comfortable distance between the grain trailer and the combine when unloading on the move, and is suitable for 12m controlled traffic systems.

  • Capable of harvesting over 130 different crops via quick and easy adjustments, Axial-Flow combines are among the most advanced machines on the market. Thanks to the single rotor Axial-Flow design, Case IH combines consistently deliver best grain quality and minimal grain loss. With the AFS Harvest Command™ option, the new 250 Series feature the latest harvesting technology, with auto-adjust sieves and auto-adjust cleaning fan to obtain the cleanest undamaged grain sample with minimal losses. An optional rain quality camera is available to form the heart of the full AFS Harvest CommandTM system, assessing levels of non-grain material and broken grains, and working fully automatically and in real time to adjust settings in response.

  • Modern tyre technology allows for a combination of high travel speeds on the road and low ground pressure to protect soils in the field. Axial-Flow combines can be fitted with anything from VF710/70 R42 tyres for transport widths below 3.5m to IF900/60R32 for flotation on softer soils. With a front track option it's possible to boost traction and flotation for effective soil protection on sensitive soils, whilst ensuring a transport width of just 3.5m on 610mm tracks. The hydrostatic ground drive features a variable speed motor option which enhances traction and hill-climbing ability for consistent ground speed. The new two-speed transmission with hydraulic high/low switch provides ample traction to handle difficult conditions. Depending on your requirements with regard to drive comfort and ground pressure, you can choose between rubber-damped or suspended track options.

  • Our engineers have created one of the quietest, most spacious and most comfortable cabs on the market, designed for long and profitable days. The Axial-Flow 250 Series has been designed with easy-access and sturdy steps. Behind the cab door you will find ample space and storage, with excellent comfort, further enhanced by an ergonomic layout, air suspended operator seat, low noise levels and unrestricted views. When harvest extends late into the night, stadium lights are fitted to the Axial-Flow 250 series roof to illuminate your work area. For full control, the essential functions are integrated into the right-hand console and the multifunction control lever. The most commonly-used features and the AFS Pro 700 monitor are close at hand and ergonomically laid-out.

  • Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS™) collect and deliver important data for your management decisions on crop cultivation and cost management. By means of AFS AccuGuide GPS-controlled auto-steering, your combine is guided automatically – with a repeatable accuracy down to 2.5cm, track after track, to reduce overlaps and minimise time and fuel consumption during harvest. Precision farming technology reduces operator fatigue, boosts productivity and lets you exploit the combine’s full capabilities. With AFS Connect™, all your data are transferred to your farm computer in real-time, enabling you to provide instant advice and directions whenever you see the need to make immediate operating adjustments.


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