The demands on agriculture keep growing. Your challenge is to keep pace. Issues like government mandates, land use, global economic and population growth, alternative energy, global food security and financial markets impact your day-to-day decision-making. To keep up with these demands, you need equipment that will help you be ready.

Speed and accuracy

Case IH WD1905 windrowres offer the ultimate in performance and operator comfort. With 200 hp, WD 1905 performs with ease in wet conditions and on hilly terrain.

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  • Whether you are cutting hay, or swathing wheat, extra horsepower to muscle through the tough spots is always a welcome addition, especially when that power doesn’t come at the cost of efficiency.
    • High-capacity harvesting


    • The new Dual Circuit Hydraulic System results in faster cutting speeds while maintaining a clean cut and a well formed windrow
    • Industry’s fastest road speed at 24 mph allows you to get from field to field faster
    • Independent rear axle suspension allows you to travel at faster ground speeds without sacrificing harvest quality
    • Cover more acres in less time with industry-leading 5.90 m 12 cutting discs header conditionner


    • Rear axle stability


    • Re-designed rear axle for ultimate control and stability
    • Rear wheel forks are nine degree cast design for optimal stability
    • Independent rear suspension is now base equipment for all models
    • New larger 16.5L rear tires provide better flotation and better ride
  • Power-packed engines

    Biodiesel-approved engines provide muscle to handle heavy loads, wet conditions and hillsides without slowdown.

    • Other features include:
    • Turbocharger
    • Intercooler
    • Computer-aided-design parent bore block with contoured outer surface for increased overall block strength and reduced noise and vibration
    • WD1905: Six-cylinder, 6.7 L with common rail
  • Heated leather seat

    The package includes both the operator and instructor seats with a heated leather seat option for increased comfort during those long days in the field.

  • AFS fully integrated

    Case IH windrowers utilize the AFS Pro 700 display which is utilized on several other Case IH equipment offerings, making this display transferable to other equipment for ease of use.

    • Service, made easy

    • The swing-out door, behind the cab, and lift-up side shields provide easy access to the engine and key maintenance points
    • The rotary self-cleaning radiator screen keeps air flowing without restriction to the radiator
    • The hinged swing-out cover opens wide to allow access to the air-conditioning condenser, hydraulic oil cooler, radiator and intercooler
    • 120-gal. (454-L) fuel capacity means you can work a day without refills
    • Fuel fill, hydraulic reservoir and hydraulic filters are accessible from ground level
    • Conditioning roll pressure can be adjusted with a single hand crank
    • Windrow shields and swath boards easily adjust without tools
    • The large lockable bin is built to accommodate any size toolbox — plus spare parts

Sicklebar Head


Disc Head


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