Disk Rippers

This 8th generation of Ecolo-Tigers is the most aggressive disk ripper on the market with impressive disk-cutting power, high underframe clearance and shank positioning. The Ecolo-Tiger 875 is the first step in creating optimal soil conditions and the rugged durability you expect from Case IH.


Case IH engineers have taken the proven Ecolo-Tiger design and given it even more cutting power. It features stronger, Earth Metal blades and high-density, tighter- tting Tiger points. The welded, heavy-duty frame and longer-life components are now covered with a best-in-class powder coat finish, creating greater chip-resistance to this all-around rugged machine.

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  • Redesigned high-density Tiger Points run 2.5 centimeters (1-2 in.) under hardpan compaction and deliver the proven Case IH lift-twist-roll action, but with less draft, creating smoother fields and extending point life with up to 350 percent more durability than previous designs.

  • New aquant priming and powder coat paint nish provides 400 percent more resistance to impact, scratching and paint fading compared to prior models. Every surface, inside and out, is cleaned and coated with a corrosion preventing primer.

  • Overlapping weld joints and gussets have been added as a result of advanced stress point analysis. Adding additional support to these stress points provides years of productive life to the already rugged frame.

  • The different heights in the soil surface result in variable moisture and temperature levels, with the holes staying wet and cold. The Ecolo-Tiger handles today’s realities of high plant population, tough Bt corn residue and earlier planting dates, providing aggressive residue sizing and mixing for more rapid nutrient cycling.

  • Narrow transport widths make it possible to get from field to field faster. It’s also easy to change tractors thanks to a welded pull-hitch design that eliminates the need for complex clevis hitches with multiple holes and positions.

  • Aggressively size and mix residue for rapid nutrient cycling. Soil and residue are cut and mixed by the first rank, followed by the rear rank to leave a uniform mixture of soil and residue. Disks are set at a 15-degree angle, allowing for more soil turning and machine stability.


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