Field Cultivator

Taking care of your seedbed is a year-round job. From crop residue distribution out the back of the combine to fall tillage to improving soil tilth, each step in the process leads you closer to the perfect seedbed, a high-efficiency seedbed.



The field cultivator creates a high-efficiency seedbed for the most accurate seed placement. This next-generation field cultivator series delivers agronomic advantages with each pass, helping you capitalize on your planter’s ideal productivity levels to achieve maximum yield potential.

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  • Welded bridge construction eliminates most butt-end welds and is designed for strength and durability yet able to flex through the most difficult terrain unlike competitive field cultivators that rely on 4-by-4-inch tubes and butt-end welds.

  • Today’s hybrids produce more, tougher crop residue than ever. Building a stronger frame allowed us to provide 25 inches of underframe clearance to keep residue flowing at higher speeds. That keeps you moving and helps make you more productive than ever.

  • The single-point hydraulic depth control lets you quickly and easily adjust for fast-changing conditions within a field or across your farm. It maintains equal depth across the entire field cultivator, including the wings.

  • Walking tandems and gauge wheels on the main frame and wings provide a smooth ride and reduce compaction, wing bounce and nosing. Walking-tandem design offers balance and stability for a more consistent seedbed. „„Moreover, Greaseless bushings on the wing wheel pivots increase uptime.

  • Our split-the-middle sweep pattern ensures 100 percent coverage for maximum crop residue mixing in the soil profile. This thoroughness also provides complete nutrient and chemical incorporation. With the 5-bar cut pattern, the sweeps in the first three rows take out a full cut. The last two rows take a smaller cut, removing the middles.

  • Equates to 40 acres of productivity gained with the 60-foot model, assuming a ground speed that allows you to cover approximately 1 acre per minute. Remaining grease points require only annual grease intervals, so you spend your time in the field, rather than maintaining your Tiger-Mate field cultivator.


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