In-Line Rippers

Every plant starts out with an equal chance of producing recordsetting yields. However, the stress the plant is subjected to after planting limits its ability to reach its maximum yield potential. To increase yields, you must manage plant stress.


The Case IH Ecolo-Til 2500 system’s primary components — Primary Tillage, Root Zone Banding and Seed Bed Preparation — are proven to increase yields and profits by conditioning crop residue and managing soil tilth, plant food availability and seedbed preparation.

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  • No-till offers many important soil conservation benefits, but often at the expense of yields. Case IH No-till tillage gives farmers the best of both the primary tillage and No-till worlds.

  • The Ecolo-Til 2500 design creates a “lift, twist and roll” action that shatters compaction and reorients soil particles, creating an open, mellow, healthier soil with excellent pore space and distribution, allowing for maximum “soil tilth.”

  • Limit topsoil losses and manage moisture more efficiently by using Case IH in-line rippers. It retain water during dry periods, water evaporates more readily in saturated soil conditions. It also reduces erosion, runoff and compaction from heavy rainfall.

  • The Ecolo-Til 2500 can be equipped with an Disc Level´r which evenly distributes soil and residue across the soil surface.

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Case IH Services