Strip-till exemplifies High-Efficiency Farming: efficient use of time, resources and inputs to maximize returns on every acre. When properly adapted to local conditions, strip-till conserves soil, reduces production costs and saves time. The Nutri-Tiller 955 provides a one-pass solution that can set up your crops to achieve their full potential.

Agronomically Designed

The Nutri-Tiller lineup manages crop residue, enhances soil tilth and improves fertilizer placement for maximum nutrient efficiency. The Nutri-Tiller 955 is your one-pass seedbed solutions to effectively manage time, resources and inputs for improved productivity and greater return on investment.

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  • Steel bridge construction sets the industry standard for durability. Rounded gussets provide increased toolbar strength. Three ranks of tubing add strength and stability to the row unit. This also gives you the flexibility to stagger coulters and row units for improved crop residue flow and faster operating speeds.
  • Steel, welded bridge construction results in a stronger frame. The ounded gussets provide increased toolbar strength and the three ranks of tubing add strength, stability, and flexibility for improved crop residue flow and faster operating speeds.
  • Durable front and rear hitches are aligned for even weight transfer and reduced lateral stress. The constant level rear hitch features a reliable hitch casting. It also swings and can be extended for easier tank hitching. Replaceable poly wear pads on support and contact points ease side-to-side and front-to-back hitch movement.

  • Single-point depth control provides for quick adjustments and allows you to easily change settings according to changing fields and conditions. Plus, an independently adjusted leveling control for inner wing gauge wheels provides greater simplicity and durability.

  • Two down-pressure spring settings allow you to match the aggressiveness to field conditions. Or you can choose a float setting or stow the row cleaners above the soil surface where lighter crop residue levels reduce the need for aggressive row cleaning.

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