Vertical Tillage

Whether slicing through tough residue or uprooting root balls, the True-Tandem 335VT vertical tillage tool helps you level the soil to create the optimal seedbed for the next growing season. Two Earth Metal® 20-inch VT Wave Blade options — including a new longer-edge–life, 20-inch, 5 mm thick blade option — are right-sized to penetrate hard soils and break through surface compaction and properly mix residue and nutrients.



Our True-Tandem 335VT is built with industry-exclusive blades, so you can more effectively manage soil and residue. It delivers an even, smotth seedbed by levelling the entire soil layer - including the seedbed floor. The front and rear gang blades are precisely indexed to each other to remove any unevenness in the floor.

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  • Matched to perfection, the 18-degree gang angle paired with each blade’s concavity and crimped center gives you even cutting and mixing action for a superior finish. With a dynamic duo of Earth Metal and cast-iron components, the gang is assembled with made-to-fit blades and spools.
  • The rugged, low maintenance pull-through frame eliminates drift and accomodates higher ground speeds, resulting in uniform weight per blade and improved balance in heavy residue and a wide range of soil moisture conditions.
  • Greaseless bearings on wheels and TigerPaw Crumbler reduce routine maintenance and keep you in the field longer. These are featured on wing pivots, rockshafts and the TigerPaw Crumbler.
  • Easily adjusts operating depth with a single hand crank conveniently located at the front of the machine. The system holds a constant blade operating depth to provide a uniform seedbed depth temperature, contributing to early, even plant emergence.
  • Standard walking-tandem design offers excellent depth control and stability for a more consistent seedbed. The optionnal stubble-resistant tires provide a greater footprint with independent wheels for a smoother ride and longer life.

  • True-Tandem 335 VT features 20 inches Earth Metal Wave blades, providing excellent residue cutting and the flattest planting surface in the Case IH tillage lineup. Each blade runs on its edge, causing soil to explode off the blade and level without back pressure. This results in reduced compaction compared with conventional blades.

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