JX Straddle

Engineered from the ground up to deliver reliable and durable performance, the JX Straddle tractor is that you would expect from Case IH. The Case IH JX Straddle combines the strength and power you need in demanding applications. Heavy-duty components ensure a long operating life and reduced downtime so you can get the job done efficiently.

Power, performance and toughness come as standard

These high-performance, versatile tractors are born to meet your precise needs. All JX Straddle robust transmissions are engineered to take on your work effortlessly. An independent, direct-driven PTO operates any implement with ease and precision.

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  • JX Straddle transmission clutches are built with high quality organic or cerametallic components in order to ensure maximum durability for extended operating life and superior heat dissipation performance for the most arduous operating conditions.

  • An independent PTO driveline takes the drive directly from the engine, ensuring a steady and efficient transfer of power for maximum efficiency. JX Straddle PTO is able to operate a wide range of equipment effectively and economically.

  • Besides always delivering the right amount of traction to cope with any terrain and condition, the JX Straddle 4WD front axle benefits from a fully independent and dedicated 26.5 l/min steering pump. 50° turning angle for 4WD and 55° for 2WD give best in class manoeuvrability at the end of the rows, in confined spaces and when working with a front loader.

  • The hydraulic system features two separate pumps. JX Straddle models are equipped with a dedicated 40.1 l/min hydraulic pump as standard while a more advanced 51.7 l/min version remains as an option for the applications that require higher hydraulic flow. The 26.5 l/min pump is totally devoted to operate the closed-centre power steering system, so the hydraulic performance of implements is never affected while ensuring top safety on the braking system. 3,565 kg rear lift capacity at ball ends plus standard two remote valves (available up to three as an option) lead to the maximum efficency during day-to-day operations.

  • Comprehensive instrument panel, located in front of the operator, with clear and easy to read central analog screen.

  • The dedicated left hand side mechanical shuttle lever allows quick and smoother direction changes.

  • Thanks to the gas strut assisted strong one-piece engine hood, daily checks and routine maintenance are easy and require less time, letting you spending more hours in the field.



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