CASE IH OPTUM CVX – Another milestone in Case IH product history

03 sep 2015

​Case IH announces the new Optum CVX range with a stunning new design / Powerful, compact and highly manoeuvrable with excellent power-to-weight-ratio / Efficiency, versatility and reliability.

More power and close to ‘Puma dimensions’ is what Case IH claims the European farming community have been asking for; this has now been achieved! The new Optum CVX is the first Case IH tractor to have the new design with a new bonnet and rear fender styling, plus eye catching signature lighting. 

“Modern, productive farming and contracting businesses in Europe are amongst the most demanding customers worldwide, one reason being that cropping is more intensive and yields are higher than in most other regions, whilst we​ather conditions often limit available time windows for field work. Handling any given task with maximum performance, efficiency and reliability is therefore what the Optum CVX was designed and built for”, says Andreas Klauser, Case IH President. 

Case IH Optum CVX
The Optum CVX range consists of two models with compact 6.7 litre NEF engines from FPT Industrial, with 270 or 300hp at a rated speed of 2,100rpm and a maximum power of 313hp at 1,800rpm for the larger of the two models. The engines feature Hi-eSCR only after-treatment solution for maximum combustion efficiency and fulfil Stage IV emission regulations. Changes for the engine include new valve material and design for the engine head for higher combustion pressure; however the major change comes in the lower part of the engine block and oil sump, with a specific design where the sump serves as backbone of the tractor, thus removing stress from the engine block. Whilst the typical weight of the Optum CVX amounts to 11,000kg, this ‘structural sump’ allows for a maximum gross vehicle weight of 16,000kg, providing ballast and payload options for the customer.

The Optum CVX has  the ability to put the additional power to the ground whilst maintaining the agility of the smaller models, thus further increasing efficiency, maximising uptime and increasing comfort levels for the operator, whilst reducing total cost of ownership: “This is an ‘Optumal’ solution for this broad range of demands and specifications. Our engineers have rethought and revised every single detail, always looking for ways to optimise efficiency, performance and reliability alike”, highlights Case IH Product Marketing Manager Dan Stuart. 

“The single eVGT turbocharger delivers the high torque required at low engine speeds and responds faster than twin turbos, thus making the Optum a true ‘power pack’”, says Stuart. “In addition, owners and operators will enjoy the longest service intervals in this power sector and less time and money needs to be spent on routine maintenance. A massive reservoir of 630 litres diesel and 96 litres AdBlue tanks, and idle speed management which reduces the engine speed from 850 rpm to 650 rpm, further adds to the highly efficient operation of the Optum CVX as there is less need to spend time returning to the farmyard for refuelling”, he adds

New Design
Creating a tractor that offers our customer the best solution is one thing, but we also know that customers and operators like to be proud of the tractor they own and drive. The most striking thing for people when they see the Optum CVX for the first time is the stunning new design, including the new bonnet with dynamic lines and 3D LED lighting, plus signature lights, the tractor announces the new look for Case IH tractors of the future.

The new 4-range CVT and park lock
The continuously variable transmission used in the Optum CVX tractor range was engineered to reliably handle and transmit the high draft loads generated from over 300hp engines. Two available speed options include 30m/h to 40km/h ECO, as well as a 30m/h to 50km/h ECO range; the maximum speed in reverse is 27km/h in both cases. “In conjunction with the new front and rear axle design, a wheel base of 2,995mm, 2.15 diameter tyres (e.g. 710/75R42) and the continuously variable transmission ensures excellent power to the ground and impressive traction. The Optum CVX tractor also features a new spring applied/hydraulically released park lock.

The Optum CVX features the front axle from smaller Magnum models, with saddle style front axle suspension which features two hydraulic cylinders with 8 degrees of oscillation and 110mm of vertical travel to ensure comfort and stability on the road. The shorter front axle to front linkage distance provides an excellent vehicle weight distribution and more compact overall dimensions. In addition, our engineers have gone a long way to maximise the tyre envelope with specially designed fuel tanks, thus providing a very tight turning angle,  highlights Stuart.

To ensure maximum road safety, the Optum CVX can be supplied with ABS to help safe braking in tricky or emergency situations. An optional advanced ABS version is also available. When activated in the field the driver steers normally but, when turning, the inner wheel brake is applied automatically to assist; this is controlled electronically which prevents the wheel from locking up. 

A tyre pressure monitoring system is also available, which allows the operator to monitor up to 16 tyres either on the tractor or on implements. The system is integrated within the AFS 700 monitor and allows the operator to set parameters which, if exceeded, will warn the operator on the display. With airline connection available at the rear of the machine, the operator can then re-inflate the tyre to get back to the farm. 

4-speed rear PTO, 2-speed front PTO
The 4-speed rear PTO of the Optum CVX range comes standard with an Electronic Speed Shift, and engine speeds are as low as 1,930rpm for 540 PTO, 1,598rpm for 540 economy (ECO) PTO, 1,853rpm for 1,000 PTO and 1,583rpm for 1,000 ECO PTO. The Brake Deselect is also programmable within the HMC II Headland Management Control system. 

The optional 2-speed front PTO comes with the same design concept as the rear PTO pack. The two speeds are ‘in-cab shiftable’; with a turn of a knob either a 1,000 or 1,000 ECO PTO can be selected, a clutch on the input shaft reduces parasitic power losses and, in addition to the changeable 6 spline stub shaft, a 21 spline shaft is also available as an option. With the relatively low base weight, rear and front linkage and its high horsepower, the Optum CVX perfectly addresses the need for flexibility and performing multiple functions, including tasks with heavy front and rear implements.

Hydraulic system: focus on power and efficiency
All Optum CVX tractors feature a low loss hydraulic system and circuits which are designed to provide maximum power and efficiency. “A 165 litres/min at 2,100rpm closed circuit load sensing (CCLS) hydraulic pump is standard and a high flow 220 litres/min at 2,100rpm CCLS pump is available as an option. In both cases high pump flows provide the potential to achieve the required flow at a lower engine speed”, explains Stuart.

Quick attach CAT III hook ends are standard on the rear linkage which delivers a lifting power of 10,299kg through the range and a maximum at ball end of 11,058kg. Also available as an option are CAT IVN hook ends, a hydraulic top link and a hydraulic top link / drop arm. “The new front linkage offers a maximum lift of up to 5,821kg at ball end, thus providing the power to efficiently work with equally big and productive implements”, says Stuart.

The Optum CVX cab: The setting for performance, precision, and comfort
For maximum precision and efficiency, the Optum CVX cab features ISOBUS Class II as standard, with ISOBUS Class III as an option from the factory fit. This option allows compatible implements to control tractor functions such as steering, forward speed, hydraulic lift, PTO and rear remotes; for operations such as baling this can improve efficiency with a more constant flow of material through the baler and reduce operator fatigue. The Optum CVX tractor is also available with the HMC II Headland Management Control announced for the Puma range earlier this year at the SIMA show in France. This offers the operator the advantage of reducing the complication of headland turn operations, again reducing operator fatigue. 

Maximum comfort and an optimum working environment are provided with cab suspension as standard and a premium range of seat options including the dual motion operator seat with swivel headrest, a forwards / backwards adjustable lower seat cushion, an electrically adjustable armrest and 15° seat swivel to aid in rear visibility, as well as seat heating and ventilation in both fabric and leather finishes. 

Optum CVX tractors are also available with RTK for high accuracy automated steering, with the tractor AccuGuide system and telematics ready, including the Remote File Transfer Function. This new wireless function saves time, removes the need for USB data transfer and allows data exchange via 3G between the farm office or other external farm computers and the machines via Advanced Farming Systems software “on the go”.

Case IH Optum CVX – the answer to our customers’ needs
The Optum CVX enhances a Case IH product range that has never been stronger, more innovative and more customer-oriented than today: 13 product lines and more than 220 models stand ready to serve – high reliable performance machines backed by dedicated dealers, thus offering premium products and services to Case IH customers. 

“For the Optum CVX, an in-depth customer clinic was held, involving owners of a variety of brands in the 180 to 300hp segment. We thoroughly evaluated demands and expectations which then were implemented in the development, design and manufacturing of the new tractor range. One key requirement: whilst businesses need to increase their profitability by maximising the potential from available resources, European farming and contracting businesses clearly focus on the manoeuvrability and compact dimensions of highly versatile and powerful tractors. That is what our development engineers kept in mind – and that is why we are convinced that the Case IH Optum CVX will soon be appreciated as a truly versatile and reliable high performer”, concludes Andreas Klauser.

The Case IH Optum at a glance:

# Two models with 6.7 litre Stage IV FPT engine and 270 or 300hp at a rated speed of 2100 rpm
# Hi-eSCR only exhaust after-treatment
# Maximum gross vehicle weight of 16,000kg
# eVGT single turbocharger
# Longest service interval in the power sector
# 630 litres diesel tank and 96 litres AdBlue tank
# 4-range CVT with either 30m/h to 40km/h ECO or 30m/h to 50km/h ECO
# ABS/ABS Advanced and automatic park lock
# 4-speed rear PTO, 2-speed front PTO
# 165litres/min CCLS hydraulic pump as standard, 220litres/min available as option
# Rear linkage with 11,058kg maximum lifting power at ball ends
# Front linkage with 5,821kg maximum lifting power at ball ends
# ISOBUS Class II/III and RTK from the factory
# Headland Management Control (HMC II) and Remote File Transfer Function
# Optimum operator comfort and ease of operation
  • Optum 300 CVX
  • Optum 300 CVX
  • Optum 300 CVX
  • Optum 300 CVX

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