Axial-Flow 150 Series

The Axial-Flow 150 series combines are the perfect combination of simplicity, productivity and reliability. Equipped with the legendary single-rotor technology and combined with the Cross Flow™ cleaning system, the 5150, 6150 and 7150 models deliver high output, minimum loss and low set-up times to perfectly suit your operation’s needs.

312 to 460 hp
5,6 & 7
from 8,800 to 10,570 l
from 88 to 113 l/s

More than 40 years of quality threshing

Axial-Flow® combines not only lose little grain in high-speed or high-yield harvest conditions, they also ensure your tank is filled with clean and undamaged grain. No matter the crop or field conditions, the 150 Series combines are designed to optimise your yield and profitability, and are capable of harvesting over 130 different crops through quick and easy adjustments.

  • 6-cylinder turbo Stage V engine
  • 5 different headers for all crops and working width up to 10.7 m
  • Lift cylinder capacity of 75 mm (5150) and 80 mm (6150/7150)
  • 6.24 m² total cleaning area / 6.13 m² cleaning area with Cross-Flow
  • Low turning radius down to 4.4 m
  • Two cab options: Comfort or Luxury versions

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  • Designed for Axial-Flow combines, the wide range of Case IH headers is the perfect match to maximise output potential, even in tougher crop conditions and cropping practices.

  • Performance and quality of the Axial-Flow combine harvesters begin with the high-performance feeder housing. The rugged feeder, with the ability to handle up to 10.7 m headers (on 6150 / 7150), matches the volume requirements of the threshing and separating systems.

  • Introduced in 1977, the Case IH single rotor technology has proven its efficiency and grain savings. Gentle but thorough threshing, it delivers top quality grain, unbruised and undamaged, to strengthen your bargaining power when selling.

  • It’s not just the rotor that makes the Axial-Flow different: the cleaning system also stands out for its efficiency and convenience. With a fixed cleaning area of 6.24 m² and fed by a set of 6 augers, it delivers a consistent crop flow for best clean grain samples.

  • For successful ground preparation for next year’s crop, Case IH offers the most versatile residue management for all residue processing needs. The changeover between chopping and swathing is done in the cab through the AFS Pro 700 monitor or from the left hand side via a button at ground level.

  • With 8,800 l for the 5150 and 10,570 l on 6150 & 7150, Axial-Flow combines are designed to put large quantities of clean, high quality grain in the tank. The high capacity elevator allows high speed harvesting of high yielding crops.

  • Maximising productivity requires the best combine and an operator who can work in the ideal environment. Designed with low noise level and vibration, an Automatic Temperature Control (ATC), ample storage, air suspended operator seat, more than 6.3 m² of glass and with LED lights, the 150 Series offers a relaxed working environment.

  • New generation Case IH Axial-Flow combines use the latest Euro Stage V emissions-compliant engines with SCR-technology. The NEF 6.7 (5150) Cursor 9 (6150 & 7150) are designed for optimum fuel efficiency with maximum power available over 200 rpm speed range

  • With a design that’s centred around fewer moving parts than on any other combine, you can get going while others are still in the yard. Daily service points are simple to access via easy-to-raise side panels and the trademark Axial-Flow spacious rear engine deck

  • Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS™) collect and deliver important data for your management decisions on crop cultivation and cost management.

Axial-Flow 150 Series Specifications


Case IH fixed/variable knife headers (2030/3050 range), draper headers (3152 range), flexheaders (3020 range) working widths (m):
Corn header 4400 range rigid / foldable
Pickup headers 3016 range working width (m):

Threshing / separating

Cleaning system

Cleaning fan

Return system

Grain tank / unloading

Straw chopper & spreader



Operator lab

Advanced Farming Systems (AFS)


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