Large Balers LB4 XLD Series

The LB4 XLD series has extra durable components which are designed to produce extra dense bales. This is the perfect baler for those who want to maximise straw compaction while optimising logistic costs.

120x70 CM
140 HP
2.23 / 2.35 M
15 or 29

Maximised profitability

The LB4 XLD is part of the existing LB4 XL baler series that includes Case IH baler technologies such as the TwinePro knotter system or our bale automation system. The new model excels at bale weight and reliability, offering extra density, a reinforced plunger and bale chamber. Every feature is designed to ensure you get your crop off the field and into the stack as quickly as possible – including optimised logistics and maintenance costs.

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  • This series comes with stronger conrods & plunger, a reinforced bale chamber side and top doors, as well as an additional wear plates package. These elements provide up to 10% more density in each bale.

  • The LB4 XLD series balers come with a reinforced wear package. The welded plates are made of Hardox steel which is highly resistant to wear. Its inclusion in the front bale chamber and the bale chamber floor ensure high durability in abrasive conditions.

  • Whether straw, hay or silage: The new Case IH LB balers deliver extra dense 120x70 cm bales in any conditions. An adjustable pre-chamber produces consistent results regarding thickness and number of slices per bale – depending on your needs and crop.
    Equipped with a direction indication system, the pre-chamber is always properly filled regardless of swath formation. An extended 80cm chamber ensures excellent bale shape and density control with great stability in varying crop conditions.

  • TwinePro™ is one of the main technologies. Our patented Case IH knotter innovation uses a simple system to create a high-strength loop knot to provide 30% higher tensile strength without the risk of bales bursting. TwinePro™ also eliminates offcuts left loose on the bale and in the field preventing contamination of the animal feed and improves your forage quality.

  • With widths of between 2.23 m (Packer Feeder) and 2.35 m (Rotor Cutter), the floating pick-ups can handle the widest and heaviest swaths. All are equipped with a roller windguard and can be specified with large gauge wheels with adjustable flotation springs.

  • All LB4 XLD balers are equipped with AFS Feedrate Control that adjusts forward speed and maintains desired capacity and bale slice thickness. With this system, fewer interventions are needed so that you can focus on more important tasks. At the same time, it makes sure you bale at maximum capacity without overloading the baler.

  • Experience the comfort of the new, clear, and intuitive design of the monitor user interface with up to 60 different field settings which can be saved. Monitor every stage of bale formation as well as moisture level directly on your screen, saving time and maximising daily-output as you do not have any manual operation directly on the baler.

  • Combining proven Case IH technologies and the latest ISOBUS 3 technology (factory-ready) makes it easier for the operator and ensures consistent, productive baling. Our real-time moisture system automatically monitors bale quality, while AFS Connect telematics give you the infomation you need about baler status to optimise bailing performance with more accurate yield maps.


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