Front Loaders

Three completely new front loader ranges, tailored perfectly to your Case IH tractor to help you to get jobs done faster.


The new loader line-up by Case IH has expanded our horizons: three ranges and 27 models in total have been developed with a clear focus on our customers’ needs. Each loader is perfectly designed for use with our various tractor models and will leave you amazed. Benefit from maximum precision, rapid response and capacities next level – for exceptional ease of handling!

A-Series: Simple and reliable


U-Series: Versatile and durable


T-Series: High-output work

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  • With the FAST-LOCK System® (a T and U series exclusive), implements can be locked and unlocked, by simultaneously pressing two buttons. Changing implements has become fast and easy.
  • The MACH 2® feature is a real asset when it comes to keeping the job simple. One move is all it takes to instantly multi-couple loader and implement hydraulics. Ideally located on the carrier, the unit prevents any wear of the hoses between the tool and the loader while its flat seal design prevents oil leaks.
  • Enjoy greater comfort with the AUTO-UNLOAD System® option which synchronises grab-opening and bucket-dumping functions by opening the grab and tipping the bucket at the same time.
  • The SHOCK ELIMINATOR uses hydraulics to absorb shocks experienced during driving, handling heavy implements or by sudden stops. This also server to protect your tractor from impacts, jolts, physical shocks and vibrations. Of course, a smoother ride also increases your comfort as a driver.
  • The front loader is perfectly matched to the tractor's design with a bracket position very close to it's center of gravity. This gives Case IH loaders an exceptional forward reach for discharging and a more convenient position to load a trailer or mixer.
  • Every front loader series has an accurate and easily visible implement position indicator at all lifting heights. You always know the angle of the attachment in relation to the ground. The position of the tilt indicator can be customized to your preferences without any specialized tool.
  • On the A and U series, the parking stands are integrated into the loader arms and have their own simple and effective locking/ unlocking mechanism. The T series loader's parking stands fold away into the arm profile so as not to compromise lift height. An automatic locking mechanism allows faster operation and minimum downtime.

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