If you have been looking for an all-purpose utility tractor, but think compact tractors lack the specifications of their heavier stable mates. 



Tough operations have never been so easy

Look around a Luxxum and you’ll see immediately that this is a tractor made for those who demand more. Luxxums are all purpose, utility models for those who may not need the highest horsepower, but in every other detail require the best possible specification.

Explore the series

  • Enjoy the Luxxum cabin with wide opening glass doors, high-visibility roof window on loader work and a fully-adjustable air suspended seat during your work! For exdended operation hours, total of ten LED work lights and a flashing beacon at transport will make night-time jobs easier and safer.

  • Luxxum's armrest is deisgned to make repetitive operations easier than before keeping operator ergonomy and safety at first. With the ergonomic Multicontroller lever and optional electro-hydraulic joystick you can handle multiple operating controls in the palm of your hand within the reach of your thumb.

  • Powered by the new FPT's Stage V F5 engine, engine displacement increased to 3.6 l and it now generates 5% more torque. Moreover, you can achieve maximum torque at 1.300 rpm which improves load response and startability.

  • With the ActiveDrive4 transmission, standard on all Luxxum models, you benefit from the sort of automation normally seen only in much larger machines. Not only do you get a four-step powershift with no need to clutch between gears, but there’s also no requirement for clutching between ranges. Furthermore, the smoothest shuttle on the market is complemented by programmable forward/reverse gear speed selection and the ActiveClutch feature allowing clutchless stop&drive (only with brakes activation).

  • Fixed or suspended front axles mean Luxxum tractors offer a specification that perfectly suits the demands of each individual customer. Whether your workload involves lots of transport or a little, haeavy or light operations in the field, Luxxum models can be specified to suit. Providing 80mm of movement, the front axle suspension system is the same well-proven arrangement that features on Case IH Maxxum tractors, with damping controlled via an advanced accumulator and regenerative valve system for a super-smooth ride and automatic self-levelling.

  • Active Clutch improves and enhances your comfort and safety. This feature improves ease of stopping and safety at road junctions or when setting off from a complete stop with heavy trailers attached. Torque sensors in the transmission ensure automatically that power transmission is not interrupted when the brake is operated while driving downhill with heavy loads, i.e. the clutch is not disengaged. The clutch also does not respond if only the steering brake is operated.

  • The Luxxum’s design features a strong heavy duty front axle and high hydraulic capacity with a closed-circuit load-sensing hydraulic pump and electro hydraulic remotes. On top, the Luxxum range can be equipped with electro-hydraulic joystick enabling declutch function and smooth shuttle modulation that provides ultimate comfort in control. With the perfectly matching new range of Case IH L series front loaders, you have the choice among 12 models to suit best your needs at your farm.

  • Just because these are mid-sized machines doesn’t mean they do without the technology available on their bigger brothers. All Luxxum tractors can be ordered monitor-ready from the factory, with a package including a monitor mounting bracket and ISO 11783 connector, allowing them to not only work with GPS systems, but also to operate any compatible ISOBUS-controlled implement.

Luxxum Specifications


Number of cylinders
Emission Level
Capacity (cm³)

Engine Performance

Standard Transmission

Optional Transmission 1

Optional Transmission 2

Optional Transmission 3

Power Take Off

Front PTO and hitch

Drive and Steering (Driveline)

Hydraulic System