Quantum Series

A powerful machine with advanced technical solutions and driving comfort - The new Quantum series is designed to satisfy the most demanding professional fruit and vineyard growers.

Rated Power

75 -120 HP




3,600 cm³

Maximum Pump Flow Rate

64 or 82 l/min

The tractors for any speciality task

A powerful machine with advanced technical solutions and driving comfort makes long working days in vineyards and orchards a joy. Our range of high-value crop tractors is one of the most comprehensive on the market. We understand that finding the right tractor for your specific crop and operation is essential, which is why we offer a diverse selection to cater to your needs.

There is a model to meet your needs

Whether you have a small or large farm, grow different types of crops, or need a tractor for specific tasks, we have options that can meet your requirements.





Explore the series

  • When you first get in the all-new 4-pillar comfort cab, you’ll immediately notice the raised windscreen and new ergonomic controls. This complete redesign provides an even more spacious driver’s workstation that combines straightforward operation with the premium interior finish Case IH is known for.

  • The new FPT F5 3.6L engine offers more power and 5% higher torque without impairing the crucial requirements of a specialised tractor: maneuverability and superior visibility. These high-performance units are available from 75 to 120 hp to deliver best performance while keeping running costs low. The most economical 75 hp model, powered by a 3.4 L 2 valve engine, comes without AdBlue.

  • The Quantum V/N/F/CL transmission can be customized to fit customer needs. The transmission include Powershuttle and ActiveDrive 2 options, as well as an ergonomic repositioned shift lever and optional creep gear. A preselected shuttle aggressiveness and parking lock are also available as options.

  • Whether your focus is on power or fuel efficiency, the Quantum PTO delivers the right performance for every task. The PTO offers up to 3 speeds and ground speed options, and its starting behavior can be set in 3 modes based on the load. Additionally, an automatic PTO for both front and rear operations can be adjusted through the new A-pillar monitor and activated from the armrest.

  • The double pump, open-center hydraulic system comes standard on all Quantum models, providing a powerful 64 l/min output that is suitable for many tasks. And if you need even more hydraulic power, an optional 80 l/min version with load sensing is available to ensure that you have all the power you need to  tackle any job with ease. A dedicated 36 l/min pump guarantees reliable steering and greasing services.

  • Our professional dealer network backed up by local Case IH teams, industry-leading Case IH support tools, modern training methods, best-in-class replacement parts, support and logistics performance. All you need for an excellent all-encompassing after-sales service to keep you farming.


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