AFS AccuGuide

The fully-integrated AccuGuide guidance system helps you complete your field work and improve your agronomic performance. It ensures pass-to-pass accuracy and reliability, regardless of the season, operation or patterns to reduce overlaps and skips.

Repeatable accuracy to fit the way you farm

AccuGuide is a fully integrated auto guidance control system to ensure parallel pass-to-pass swaths and to eliminate skips and overlap. Your tractor or combine will automatically follow a line with up to 1.5cm (RTK+) accuracy. The system is available factory installed or can be retrofitted easily on Case IH guidance ready vehicles. Use AFS AccuGuideTM during tillage operations with implements such as a cultivator or disc harrow to reduce skips and overlaps, map the ground you have worked, and save fuel and labour costs.

Explore the series

  • The ultimate flexibility
    Six guidance patterns are offered for the ultimate in guidance flexibility, allowing you to work in different patterns and shapes that best fit your operation’s field layouts and contours:
    • Straight
    • Heading
    • Curved
    • Spiral
    • Field
    • Circle
  • A wide range of accuracy
    With AFS Pro 1200 monitor equipped
    • EGNOS
    • AFS I and AFS II
    • RTK +
    With AFS PRO 700 Plus monitor equipped
    • EGNOS
    • RTK + opt.
  • AccuGuide maximises your productivity and efficiency across your operation. In using controlled-traffic patterns, you minimize field compaction and further improve your agronomic performance.
    The system hallows you to continue working in poor visible situations and results in reducing operator fatigue.