AFS Pro 700 Plus

The AFS Pro 700 Plus is the primary display on the Multicontroller and CVXDrive versions of the Maxxum, Vestrum and Puma 150-175 models. The large 12-inch display features 15 GB storage, anti-fingerprint coating, multitask capability and connection options with up to 4 camera inputs.
12" / 1200x800 px
Machine control and AFS systems
up to 4

One monitor, infinite possibilities

The new AFS Pro 700 Plus monitor is the main mode of operating and supervising your tractor. The latest connectivity package allows real time information and universal data transfer. The larger size and higher resolution of the screen itself gives a high-tech, high spec impression, while the construction takes into account the need for robust, hard-wearing farm technology. The full glass surface has an anti-fingerprint coating to prevent smudges.
  • The AFS Pro 700 Plus monitor provides an overview of all tractor functions. Choose up to 12 important tracotr parameters and store them in this quick access menu to be recalled when you need them.

  • The AFS Pro 700 Plus can show up to three live videos from cameras at the rear of the tractor, or the rear of large implements. This makes backing up with implements such as large trailers or balers easier than ever.

  • The Case IH Headland Management Control II system (HMC II) can increase automation at the headland and reduce repetitive tasks, ensuring a consistent workflow. Two processes can be recorded in real time while you work, or by inputting commands on the The AFS Pro 700 Plus. Triggers can include time or distance travelled, depending on the settings.

  • ISOBUS is a modern tractor/implement interface allowing implement operation on the AFS Pro 700 Plus. This can reduce the need for a second display in the cab. Connect via the 9-pin ISOBUS plug at the rear or front of the tractor. The Multicontroller and CVXDrive versions of the the Maxxum, Vestrum and Puma 150-175 models are also compatible with ISOBUS class III, which allows the implement to control tractor functions such as the remote valves, PTO, rear hitch and ground speed.

  • You can view all the critical tractor performance values such as oil pressure and coolant temperature on the The AFS Pro 700 Plus.
    Regular monitoring and easy-to-understand data ensure your tractor is ready for work when you need it. For further analysis, you can choose to transfer your data from the The AFS Pro 700 Plus directly to your MyCase IH platform to analyze and improve uptime in the field, without having to record it in a notebook.

  • AFS AccuGuide and AFS AccuTurn Pro work together to provide fully automatic steering and headland turning. Combined, they can improve machine uptime in the field and reduce input costs by reducing overlaps. With AFS AccuTurn Pro, you can automate headland processes and integrate HMC II tractor and implement functions into the turning process.