Large Balers LB436 HD Series

Make the most of baling windows and build better, high-density bales with the Case IH LB436 HD large square baler. Available in two models, Rotor Cutter or Packer Feeder version, the ambitious goal was 22% greater bale density while maintaining throughput as compared to standard conventional balers.

Bale dimensions

120 x 90 cm


300 cm


230 HP


2.352 M

2 models with bale dimensions 120x90 cm

Capacity and density are the the heart of the LB436 HD development. Numerous new features such as a patented two-speed gearbox, revised plungers, TwinePro twin-knot technology as standard, or a hydraulically suspended, steered tandem chassis all increase the efficiency of the baler and set standards in bale density and ground speed.

  • CAPACITY: the new LB436 HD baler provides high performance baling with more than 40 tons per hour
  • DENSITY: designed with a new plunger and bale chamber for 500 kg per bale in all crops
  • EASE OF USE: for professional producers and contractors who ask for premium comfort and advanced technology

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  • Introducing the LB436HD series with increased bale density and baling capacity to a new level of productivity and efficiency.


  • Concentrated technology for your feed.
    Pick-up and 5 tine bars
    The steerable pick-up bar with a working width of 235 cm, 5 time bars and perfect bale tine distribution reliably and cleanly picks up the swath even at higher speeds.

    Pre-compression chamber
    The perfect bale begins in the pre-compression chamber:
    - Pre-compression of the material into stable flakes
    - Sensor plate admits the material to the main compression chamber by the retention finger

  • Perfect shape, consistently high bale density.

    Plunger-newly designed and reinforced
    - Extremely high pressures with 48 str./min
    - Fully-automatic bale density control system keeps the bales in an uniform shape and density, even under changing conditions
    - Compression force is controlled by sensors, and can adjust compression cylinders for constant bale density

    7 cilinders
    For achieving highest densities and bale weights we made some improvements:
    - Extremely robust compression chamber
    - High-performance density ring with 7 double-acting cylinders
    - Compression cylinder generates up to 62 t of force for uniform bale density, even in changing conditions

  • The new loop knotter
    The new knotter system provides improved components and a 30% increased loop knot strenght:
    - Redesigned needles and a new needle yoke reclaim system
    - Stronger frame to withstand
    - Higher plunger loads
    - Electric knotter fans to keep the units clean
    - TwinePro knotters can easily eliminate offcuts
    –for a better forage quality

    The mid-gear box
    - Speeds up PTO from 1000 to 1445 rpm
    - Flywheel brake and flywheel slip clutch
    - Allows smooth startup with 240 hp tractors
    - Automatic declutch in case of overload

    Electronics also play a major role in the development of the LB 436 HD baler. The baler meets the latest ISOBUS 3 standard (tractor speed control & overload management) so that its intuitive, newly-designed user interface can be accessed via any ISOBUS compatible terminal.
  • TWINEPRO knotter innovation

  • Our best case for high density bales: the LB436 HD is designed for optimal driver comfort: simple to operate and easy to handle. Equipped with 26.5" tyres, it ensures minimal ground pressure, optimal turf protection and excellent smooth running while keeping the baler within 3.0m for road travel.

  • Less maintenance means lower costs: Case IH LB Balers are built for performance and designed to require minimum maintenance so that pre-preparation takes up the minimum amount of time. When it comes to maintenance, the dust-proof twine boxes makes serviceability easier with the tiltable feature and the service work light package.

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