Magnum™ AFS Connect™ Series

Each day in agriculture delivers new challenges and opportunities. Farm the way you want, map your own path and see your operations succeed. The freedom to act on your own choices defines the new Magnum™ AFS Connect™. Available with CVXDrive or PowerDrive transmission in wheeled or rowtrac; a total of 12 models are available.

310-400 HP
PowerDrive or CVXDrive
8,700 cm3
166-282 l/min

Magnum™ AFS Connect™ Series

The freedom to act on your own choices

Experience a level of connectivity and remote viewing never before seen in a Magnum series tractor. It is connectivity that provides: freedom to share information with preferred providers, freedom to perform diagnostics remotely and freedom to make data-driven decisions related to operations performed by your Magnum™  AFS Connect™  tractor from anywhere. The Magnum™  AFS Connect™  gives you the freedom to farm the way you want.

Model options

Maximum versatility for the way you farm: choose from Wheeled, Rowtrac and Scraper configurations to best fit your operation.




Explore the series

  • The AFS Connect™ portal is a gateway to the Magnum™ AFS Connect™ series tractor. Added connectivity helps to maximize uptime and keep operators in the field via support features available, and three new system components enable you to Configure precision farming functionality and tractor systems the way you want.

  • A cab environment above the rest: a clean-sheet approach was used to completely redesign the automotive-grade cab of the Magnum™ AFS Connect™ tractor to meet customer needs. ​

  • Field leading power and performance, the Case IH Magnum™ AFS Connect™ tractor 8.7L engines combine class-leading horsepower with proven emissions technology. What does that mean to you? Optimum power and fuel efficiency from an engine that has a legacy of performing in the toughest applications.

  • Today’s powerful lineup of Magnum tractors is engineered to make your job easier and more productive, allowing you to keep up with the demands of farming. And, with two industry-leading transmissions to choose from, you can be assured you have the most efficient power for your operation.

  • Remote valves and hitch options for all your row crop applications.

  • Deliver the most power to the ground.

  • Attractive and functional, stylistic components such as an attractive tri-stripe decal and updated grill help the Magnum™ AFS Connect™ series tractors to stand apart from the crowd, but additional exterior features provide functional benefits and assist with visibility.

  • Uptime is always on our mind. Because it’s always on yours.

Magnum™ AFS Connect™ Series Specifications 


Number of cylinders
Emission Level
Capacity (cm³)

Engine Performance

Standard Transmission

Optional Transmission 1

Optional Transmission 2

Optional Transmission 3

Power Take Off

Front PTO and hitch

Drive and Steering (Driveline)

Hydraulic System

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