PUMA 140-175

Case IH Puma 140-175 tractors benefit from a number of new features, designed to enhance productivity and enrich the operating experience.

140 - 180 HP
ActiveDrive 6 or PowerDrive or CVXDrive
6,700 cm3
110 - 160 l/min

Efficient Power for Profitable Farming

All Puma models have one thing in common: a global reputation as reliable, powerful, economical tractors. The Puma is manufactured in St. Valentin, Austria, where first class expertise and our proven production quality are combined for the best possible product. For optimal comfort and efficiency, the new Puma Multicontroller and Puma CVXDrive models feature numerous refinements, such as an in-cab cool box and a low-mounted front wiper.


You demand the best. The Case IH Puma series makes your work efficient and economical and offers a choice for any requirement.

PUMA 140, 150, 165: The ideal tractor for livestock farms


PUMA 150, 165 Multicontroller: The powerful allrounder for modern mixed farming and arable farming


Puma 140-175

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  • One Standard - Three Packages: your machine, your choice of comfort. Choose from our Selection, Advanced and Professional editions to tailor your Puma to your needs.
    Please note, the equipment packages can be changed by Case IH without prior notification. Please contact your local dealer for the latest configuration.

  • Stay focused, be productive. Climb up into a Puma and take a seat. You'll notice the difference in comfort immediately.

  • Driven by Innovation, Puma tractors are built around the latest generation Stage V-compliant FPT engines, forming the heart of a powertrain that’s built to take high-output hard work in its stride. The latest 6 cylinder engines are also designed for longer 750 hour oil and filter change intervals.

  • The right transmission for the job - at Case IH, we know that no two farm businesses are the same, and every business has different tractor demands. That’s especially true in the transmission department, where what suits one operation may not be right for another. Puma, one of the most versatile tractor ranges in the Case IH line, is available with three transmission options.

  • A strong allrounder, perfectly equipped for any job: Puma's comprehensive, high-performance hydraulics and PTO equipment makes it a true allrounder, able to manage a wide range of implements.
  • Ready for any terrain, with an excellent power-to-weight ratio and a high maximum permissible weight, Case IH Puma tractors are strong in the field and on the road.

  • Ready for any terrain, with an excellent power-to-weight ratio and a high maximum permissible weight, Case IH Puma tractors are strong in the field and on the road.

  • Uptime is always on our mind. We know time is critical in this business, and the less you need to spend on servicing the better. Daily maintenance on Puma tractors is straightforward, easy and quick in order to reduce costs and machine downtime.

PUMA 140-175 Specifications 


Number of cylinders
Emission Level
Capacity (cm³)

Engine Performance

Standard Transmission

Optional Transmission 1

Optional Transmission 2

Optional Transmission 3

Power Take Off

Front PTO and hitch

Drive and Steering (Driveline)

Hydraulic System

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