Round Balers RB 456/466 HD PRO Series Variable Chamber

Built with durable components and a heavy-duty design in mind, the new RB6 HD Pro series is a high-performance baler for exceptionally high densities under all circumstances. Choosing from three different kind of rotors (RotorFeeder or RotorCutter with 13 or 25 knives), bales can be set-up to have a diameter of between 0.9 and 1.9m.

120x165 CM & 120x190 CM
2.3 M
90 HP
RotorCutter or

2 models with bale dimensions up to 165 or 190 cm

The RB6 HD Pro series relies on a robust drive line and premium materials for maximum lifetime and minimum downtime. The baler can perform efficiently in any size of field helping to reduce costs so you can focus on what matters most in farming.
Capable of baling heavy silage crops to large straw windrows handling them with ease. The wide pick-up and automatic drop floor will increase your capacity and ensure high densities in all crops.
The RB6 HD PRO series provides you with perfectly formed bales, no matter how heavy or wet the crops are. Choose from a range of feeding options RotorFeeder and Rotor Cutter with electronic knife group selection.

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  • The RB6 HD PRO series is made from quality, durable materials for higher performance and longer working life. The heavy-duty split driveline concept with a more robust frame integrating bigger bearings, larger drive rolls and sprockets ensure a high level of quality over a long period of time whilst keeping running costs low. Finally, the integrated heavy-duty T-type gearbox is suitable for up to 200 hp input – to achieve maximum productivity and reliability.

  • The cam guided heavy duty 2.3m pick-up is capable of handling large windrows. Combined with the massive feeding rotor with V-shaped rotor tines, you can achieve even feeding across the entire width to maximize output. Thanks to the heavy design roller windguard, the crop is perfectly lifted and fed into the baler – ideal for working with different volumes of crops.

  • Adapt to your individual requirements by choosing from three different rotor options (RotorCutter with 25 or 13 knives and RotorFeeder) and set your bale size between 0.9 and 1.9m in diameter. The rotor cutter models feature in-cab knife group selection allowing easy switching between 25, 13, 12 or 0 knives in operation, via the balers control display.

  • Whether you’re dealing with hard-to-handle dry material or heavy, damp grass, the redesigned dual drive rolls guarantee a positive belt drive in all conditions. Our duckbill net wrapping system and new tension sensors make sure that you get nice clean, well shaped bales with optimal stability over time to suit your storage and livestock requirements.

  • The large diameter feeder rotor of the RB6 HD PRO series is highly effective at moving the crop, even if it's an uneven swath. Equipped with an active drop floor, this unique system prevents peak loads from causing blockages by moving the automatic mechanical floor to a lower position so that heavy crops can pass easily.

  • The baler-tractor automation system with ISOBUS class III automates the control of some of the key elements in the baling process. The tractor will stop as soon as the pre-set bale diameter has been reached, net wrap application begins automatically, and the tailgate is raised. The tailgate will automatically close as soon as the bale has been ejected, confirmed by a sensor on the bale ramp.

  • Experience the comfort of the new, clear, and intuitive design of the user interface with up to 60 different field settings which can be saved. Monitor every stage of bale formation as well as moisture level directly on your screen, saving time and maximizing daily-output as you do not have any manual operation directly on the baler.

  • Handle bigger fields at lower cost. All drive chains are lubricated automatically during all operations for smooth running and less wear. You can carry three net rolls on your baler (1 active + 2 in storage) at the edges of each bale so that you can fully concentrate on your workload and challenges on the field.

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