Round Balers RB 545 Series Fixed Chamber

The RB545 and RB545 Silage Pack round balers from Case IH are designed to make baling faster, easier and simpler, all while producing higher-quality results.

Bale dimensions

122 - 125 cm


90 / 120 HP - 100 / 134 HP

2 models with bale dimensions 122-125 cm

In stand-alone format, the RB545 is an excellent hay and straw baler, capable of making firm, well-formed bales which keep their shape during storage. In Silage Pack format, the RB545 is equipped with an integral wrapper, turning the complete silage-making process into a one man operation, saving precious time and money.

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  • Improved crop feeding and a new roller design means more air is squeezed from every layer of material that goes into making up an RB545 bale. As a result, whatever the crop you get a cleaner field, firmer and tighter crop packing, and fewer bales to handle as a result. There’s also a new pick-up support wheel design, with fixed or castor-steering wheels.

  • New stronger, cold-formed chamber rollers are a key feature of RB545 and RB545 Silage Pack design. They incorporate a new ten-notch surface to ensure the bale is kept turning no matter what the conditions or type of material concerned. The new chamber is also equipped with a new, stronger driveline.

  • As an alternative to the new standard drop floor feature, there is the option to specify a rotor de-clutch system. In the event of a blockage, this allows the bale in the chamber to be completed and ejected with the pick-up and rotor disengaged, so that the blockage can then be dealt with.

  • Both the RB545 and RB545 Silage Pack are fitted as standard with a netwrap system to provide bales with a neat, secure and weatherproof finish that also ensures they retain their shape. The RB545 Silage Pack can optionally use a film wrap instead of net. Anyhow, it offers the ultimate method of immediate silage packaging, with the bales being film wrapped immediately after being ejected from the chamber.

  • The RB545 baler and the RB545 Silage Pack baler/wrapper combination are controlled by using ISOBUS technology for the ultimate in ease-of-use and efficient operation. The machines can be ordered with a Case IH AFS700 terminal or operated using an existing AFS or other ISOBUS terminal.

  • With the new RB545 and RB545 Silage Pack balers, Case IH engineers have re-thought every area to continue improving the way our machines can make your life easier. New styling not only makes these balers look good, but it also makes service access easier, with each main side panel easily raised with the aid of gas struts.

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