Farmall 90-100 A

The robust Farmall 90-100 A series is the perfect fit for small holdings and small mixed farms for a wide range of uses mainly in the farmyard. Straightforward and simple, you’ll enjoy the high manoeuvrability in small spaces and the easy serviceability.

Straightforward to efficiency

The highly robust and versatile Farmall 90-100 A series was specifically designed for part- and full-time farmers. From great manoeuvrability to a strong engine, it is suitable as your main or additional tractor for an impressive range of tasks.

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    Powered by the latest advanced FPT F5 engine (Stage V), the Farmall A series delivers more power, enhanced torque, optimised uptime and improved fuel efficiency. The results are impressive; a maximum torque of 450 Nm is reached at a fuel-saving 1,300 rpm and excellent torque raise of 47% gives the maximum responsiveness in all conditions.


    Farmall 90-100 A series features a very high pump displacement of up to 82 l/m which provides more hydraulic flow during operation with front and rear implements. While the robust rear linkage has the ability to lift up to 4,400kg with ease. With up to 3 rear remote valves, 3 PTO speed options and the 1,000 rpm front PTO, you're ready for any task!


    The new spacious 4-pillar cab with 320° visibility and the after-treatment system fully installed under the hood provides a clear view in all directions as well as offering the best manoeuvrability in the tightest areas. The new bigger cab ensures a wide entry space and more room for your legs, while the air suspended seat makes the driving experience even more comfortable throughout the year.


    Control the implements with precision and perform loading work with ease thanks to the clear arrangement and intuitive operation. Perfectly arranged controls on the right-hand side console are easy to reach for intuitive operation while mechanically operated levers minimise the risk of incorrect inputs.

  • For impressive in-field traction, and safety, Farmall 90-100 A series is equipped with 4WD class 1.0 heavy duty axle and R34” max rear tyres with customisable track setting. The 6.5 tons of gross vehicle weight and the automatic 4WD engagement will ensure stability in your field and transport operations.


    The Farmall A offers a choice of reliable transmissions that can reach 40 kph driving speed at a fuel-efficient 2,000 rpm. More gears are available for specific tasks that require a very low working speed: 20 x 20 mechanical or powershuttle (option). The high manoeuvrability in shuttling with Powershuttle is perfect for fast loader work when you need accuracy and increased productivity.


    The new loader line-up by Case IH opens up new horizons: three ranges (A, U and T) and 14 models in total have been developed to expand the capabilities of our Farmall A. These front loaders perfectly integrate with the tractor’s chassis to maximize operator comfort without impacting the tractor’s turning radius or service accessibility.

  • The less time you spend on maintenance and servicing, the more time you have to be productive. Farmall A provides you with a highly versatile series that requires less and easy maintenance saving you time and money. Improved accessibility to engine filters and one-side serviceability will greatly simplify your daily maintenance tasks.


Third-generation farmer George Basey-Fisher manages a 1000-acre mixed farm in Carlton St Peter near Norwich where, this year, they are growing wheat, barley, oil-seed rape and sugar-beet alongside their 400-head cattle finishing enterprise. This year marks 15 years of owning a Case IH Farmall, and since the arrival of this historic brand to his farm, George has not looked back.

“We purchased a Farmall 70 JX in 2008, which provided a tremendous service to the farm for four years,” comments George. “We were so impressed with how reliable it was, we could always count on it to carry out a range of tasks for our cattle enterprise such as feeding using the loader and scraping the sheds with very little hassle.”

In 2013, wanting something with a little more power, George got his hands on a Farmall 85 A with a loader.

“It is a great size and really manoeuvrable which lends itself well to work within our shed - it has clocked up nearly 5,000 hours feeding, in addition to pushing silage and scraping the sheds with little to no issues. We use it seven days a week, so it must perform consistently, and it does, which is a good fit for us. The loader is really easy to operate, and what’s more, the FPT engine is very dependable.

“We have a great relationship with Stephen at Ernest Doe, and I really wouldn’t be surprised if he helped us with acquiring another Farmall down the line when the time comes!”

Farmall 90-100 A Specifications


Number of cylinders
Emission Level
Capacity (cm³)

Engine Performance

Standard Transmission

Optional Transmission 1

Optional Transmission 2

Optional Transmission 3

Power Take Off

Front PTO and hitch

Drive and Steering (Driveline)

Hydraulic System

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