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More than 175 years of experience has given Case IH a clear understanding of what it takes to help you produce food, fuel or energy in the best possible way. Over decades, we’ve worked with countless farmers to expand our Farmall series, making characteristics such as performance, increased gross vehicle weight, visibility and handling our top priorities.  As a result, we designed Farmall C Selection for heavy loader works and intensive field operations, while Farmall C Advanced is your comfortable premium allrounder.


Year round capability guaranteed

East to operate The advanced Multicontroller controls, the ergonomic console and a compact build with tight turning radius make the Farmall C series a customer favourite in the 90-120 hp segment.

Versatile Equally at home on grassland and livestock farms, specialist enterprises such as poultry units and vegetable growing, and intensive loader operations, Farmall C more than lives up to its name.

Customisable Standard or HD rear and front axles? Cab or platform? Powershuttle transmission or two-speed powershift? Choose the tractor that best suits your daily business!


Compact and versatile




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  • Farmall C provides you with great comfort and our latest innovations inside the cab. This large 6-post cab with 5.2 sqm of glass surface, a common feature on both Farmall C tractors, offers unparalleled freedom regarding space and visibility. The high-visibility roof window that opens is ideal for loader work.

  • Powered by our latest advanced FPT Stage V engine with intercooler and wastegate turbocharger, the Farmall C series delivers more power, enhanced torque, optimized uptime and improved fuel efficiency. The maximum torque of 506 Nm is reached at a fuel-saving 1,300 rpm. The Farmall C tractors also come with optional constant engine speed function.

  • Farmall C tractors are available with different types of front axle, tailored to the specific needs of small and mid-sized farms. Farmall C Advanced could mount the Class 1 heavy duty axle that is the choice for all light and medium applications or the Class 1.5 Large Axle ideal for heavier applications. The 4WD models offer a 4,2 m turning radius perfect for narrow turns.

  • Farmall C Selection tractors come with our robust and easy-to-operate Lift-O-Matic™ Plus system, while Farmall C Advanced models provide electronic hitch control (EDC system) for precise position and draft controls. With their optional additional ram, they offer a maximum lift capacity of 4,400 kg and 64 l/min gear pump for Farmall C Advanced whereas 5,000 kg and 82 l/min gear pump for Farmall C Selection.

  • Thanks to our wide transmission portfolio, every customer requirement can be fulfilled. The 12X12 or 20X20 ManualDrive transmission with Powershuttle is standard on every Farmall C Selection model. Additionally, Farmall C Advanced comes with ActiveDrive 2 transmission with 2-speed Powershift and Powerclutch, 24X24 or 40X40 gears and 40 kph ECO max. speed.

  • The fully integrated front linkage of Farmall C Selection and Advanced has a maximum lift capacity of 1,670 kg. With the Electronic Front Hitch (EFH) option for Farmall C Advanced, front-mounted implements are no longer a challenge for you. EFH automatically levels the pre-set height of the front implement and keeps ground pressure constant. This provides enhanced implement control with regard to front mowing, front packer works and many more applications.

  • Farmall C’s extended 600-hour service interval keeps your maintenance costs down and lets you stay in the field longer. Thanks to the engine filters located on one side of the machine you can check both filters at once. And with the compact HI-eSCR2 exhaust gas aftertreatment technology, there is no need to replace filters or clean SCR components over the system’s entire lifecycle.

Martin Watkins Farmall testimonial

With a family business established over many generations, Martin Watkins has farmed the 250 acres at Moys Hill Farm with his father at Westbury-on-Severn for just over 40 years. The farm focusses on home-grown forage for their 200 strong beef finishing unit, alongside growing cider apples for Bulmers Cider and a local cider making business.  Having purchased a Farmall 95C in 2018, Martin has never looked back as the Farmall packs a heavy punch in both the orchards and cattle sheds due to its flexibility and versatility.

“We purchased the Farmall 95C because we were looking for a tractor that was small enough to work in our 30 acres of orchards and some of our smaller cattle sheds but had the power and reliability we needed to go through the trees for spraying, topping, and shaking,” explains Martin.

“We grow 30 acres of wheat, which is rolled and fed to our beef finishing herd of 200 cattle, plus 25 acres of maize which is ensiled along with grass silage. Our aim is to provide quality home-grown forage to our beef cattle, which are purchased as stores and finished at 320-350kg deadweight at around two years of age.

“We also always had an excellent relationship, and service support from the team at Cotswolds Farm Machinery and as a result we have had Case IH tractors on this farm since the 1990’s although this is our first Farmall,” continues Martin. “We have not been disappointed - the Farmall delivers everything we need plus more, it’s always reliable. You can give it plenty of different jobs and it just seems to handle everything we throw at it. My favourite feature is its compactness, and the power that comes with it.”

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