Quadtrac / Steiger AFS Connect™ series

For over 60 years, Quadtrac and Steiger series tractors have helped producers like you get more from the job in demanding conditions. As part of a powerful heritage, we led the way in becoming the pioneers of continuously-variable transmissions for four-tracked articulated high-horsepower tractors. Now those achievements have been combined with the most comfortable and connected cab featuring the latest telematics applications.


475-645 HP

PowerDrive or CVXDrive
12,900 cm3
Up to 428 l/min


Freedom to farm the way you want.

Farm managers and operators can easily transfer information between the tractor and a desktop computer, all wirelessly in both directions. Powered by AFS Connect Telematics, you have the freedom to take the right decisions supported by all available data, at the right time, anywhere, from any device. A mobile app is also available to visualise fleet and farm data. The AFS Vector Pro receiver works with different GPS signals, ensuring best pass-on-pass accuracy.

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  • Wherever you are, you can remotely monitor your Quadtrac / Steiger AFS Connect™ and seamlessly transfer data to and from the tractor and to trusted strategic partners. In addition, you can maximise uptime by connecting to operators' job in the field via remote support features such as remote screen sharing, remote support and firmware updates over the air.

  • The Quadtrac / Steiger AFS Connect™ cab has been completely redesigned. Inspired by modern automotive interiors, designed for long working days and conceived for all operator's preferences.

  • The newly-designed Multicontroller armrest gives you the freedom to adapt all the functions of Precision Farming, tractor settings and connectivity to suit you personally and get the most out of your Quadtrac/Steiger - day after day.
  • The heart of Quadtrac AFS Connect™ tractors is the innovative Cursor 13 engine, delivering 522 to 699 hp at maximum power. The inline 6 cylinder 12.9 liter engine features four valves per cylinder for better gas exchange and utmost reliability.

  • A powerful engine combined with your choice of the world’s strongest continuously-variable CVXDrive transmission or the proven 16-speed PowerDrive transmission deliver unmatched efficiency and power to the ground. Whatever your choice, you are guaranteed excellent efficiency, power transfer to the ground and traction, even with the heaviest implement.
  • Challenging the limits of every input
  • When Case IH launched the Quadtrac in 1997, it was like nothing else on the market. Since then, Quadtrac and Steiger series tractors have a earned a hard-won, long-held reputation as the toughest in the business. Don't look anywhere else, this is the original.
  • Case IH has been on the leading edge of track technology since 1996, beginning with the release of our Steiger Quadtracs. The four individually-driven, oscillating tracks of a Steiger Quadtrac reduce ground pressure, resulting in minimal soil disturbance, a smooth and comfortable ride, and less stress on your fields. The result strikes a balance between productivity and efficiency you also won't find anywhere else.
  • Simplified maintenance and higher fluid capacities give you maximum time to get the job done. And wherever you are, you can get the support you need from your knowledgeable Case IH dealer. New features allow them to better support you and your fleet remotely.

Quadtrac / Steiger AFS Connect™ series


Number of cylinders
Emission Level
Capacity (cm³)

Engine Performance

Standard Transmission

Optional Transmission 1

Optional Transmission 2

Optional Transmission 3

Power Take Off

Front PTO and hitch

Drive and Steering (Driveline)

Hydraulic System


It's all about the right configuration

Every Quadtrac AFS Connect™ tractor carries within it 20 years of leading track technology experience. Four individually-driven oscillating tracks with positive drive evenly distribute the weight of the machine over four guide rolls and six mid rolls. Even distribution over the entire surface of each track guarantees lowest impact on the soil while maintaining highest traction. Available on Quadtrac 470, 500, 540, 580 and 620.
Generating a lot of power is one thing. But transferring it to the ground with minimal losses is quite another, especially when you are trying to pull implements across any terrain. This is the real strength of the Steiger AFS Connect series: it generates superior traction through automatic differential lock, which minimises slippage in difficult field conditions.