Vestrum CVXDrive

The new series stands out from the crowd, combining compact dimensions of a manoeuvrable four-cylinder tractor with the premium cab comfort design of larger Case IH models. The result is the first Case IH tractor in the 100 HP class with the continuously-variable CVXDrive transmission.

4,485 cm³
Rated Power

74 - 130 HP


110/200 l/min

Compactness meets comfort

We build tractors which perform in even the toughest everyday conditions and provide the flexibility to handle any job. Case IH machines have always followed these guiding principles, and of course the Vestrum CVXDrive is no exception!

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  • The Vestrum CVXDrive is as varied as your tasks.
    Great features for transport, loader work and field operations.
  • Feel the benefit of proven efficiency: Case IH once more uses proven technology from FPT on the Vestrum CVXDrive models. The Vestrum CVXDrive engine has already demonstrated outstanding efficiency in the DLG PowerMix. The 4.5 l engine uses a common rail injection system and has a performance range from 100 to 130 HP at rated engine speed, with 110 to 140 HP maximum power from 1,700 to 1,900 rpm. A highly-advanced wastegate turbocharger and downstream intercooler give the engine “buffalo characteristics”, with a strong torque increase at low engine speeds.

  • The most efficient way to work: the continuously variable transmission on Vestrum CVXDrive – simply the best of working. With seamless range changes between zero and top speed, integrated creeper and just 1,700 revs at 40 km/h, the CVXDrive transmission also features Active Hold Control so you can stop and start on hills without using the clutch or brakes.

  • A cab with the WOW factor! Climb aboard and enjoy the comfort. Excellence both outside and inside: The new Vestrum CVXDrive leaves a great first impression, one that‘s enhanced when you take a seat. This cab creates a workplace to make you feel good, forming a large part of the exceptional comfort provided by the Vestrum CVXDrive tractor design.

  • Elevating business: a hydraulic system for even the heaviest of jobs. The study rear linkage, either Cat II or III N, provides up to 5,600 kg in lifting power in combination with the 110 l/min CCLS pump, so even the heaviest implements for cultivation can be used with a minimum of effort. Vestrum tractors are available loader-ready and designed to operate with two new Case IH loader series - The U series and the T Series.

  • Less repetitive, more productive: Vestrum CVXDrive models feature Headland Management Control II, which is designed to assist the driver when turning at the headland. Each step can be programmed either by time or distance travelled. With ISOBUS III it is possible for the implement to control the tractor Vestrum CVXDrive, and automatically adjust forward speed, hitch position and PTO speed, as well as operating remote valves depending on the implement.

Vestrum CVXDrive Specifications


Number of cylinders
Emission Level
Capacity (cm³)

Engine Performance

Standard Transmission

Optional Transmission 1

Optional Transmission 2

Optional Transmission 3

Power Take Off

Front PTO and hitch

Drive and Steering (Driveline)

Hydraulic System

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