Axial-Flow 250 Series

Built for the challenges associated with high-yielding crops, climate change and the need to become ever more efficient, Case IH Axial-Flow® combines are changing the landscape of harvesting-technology yet again. With the latest features including AFS Harvest Command™ automated harvesting technology, the 250 Series meets the demands of large modern farms and contracting businesses: high-speed harvesting, increased threshing capability even under the most challenging conditions, and delivery of unbeatable grain quality. As inventor of the single Axial-Flow® rotor design on self-propelled combines, Case IH continuously innovates to maximise your productivity. Feeder, rotor, grain tank, unloading system and automatic adjustments are designed to handle large grain throughput and ease your harvest.

498 - 634 HP
7,8 & 9

Enjoy the AFS Harvest Command™ automation

The AFS Harvest Command™ automation system allows the operator the following ajustments:

  • Automatically-adjusted rotor cage vanes and rotor speed determining the threshing and separation efficiency in all harvesting conditions. 
  • Automatically-controlled cleaning-fan speed and sieve adjustment, regardless of whether the combine travels uphill or downhill, and whatever the load on the cleaning system
  • Grain quality camera, that evaluates the amount of non-grain material and broken grains in the grain sample en-route to the grain tank.

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  • Especially developed for changing harvesting conditions, the Axial-Flow ST-rotor is the key to the highest grain quality. Designed with a rasp bar configuration allowing straw to pass yet catching all the threshed ears, it allows operators to achieve high throughput and quality threshing, particularly in high yielding and tough European straw conditions.

  • The Axial-Flow feeder has been designed for high performance, stability and easy handling. Equipped for the largest headers widths of up to 14 m and corn headers with up to 18 rows, the 250 Series combine offers two HD feeder options, extended with 15% and 35% higher lifting capacity.

  • Whether it precedes conventional, min-till or no-till establishment, finely lacerated, evenly-spread straw provides the best start for the next crop, boosting breakdown and enhancing incorporation speed through natural processes.

  • ™The self-levelling cleaning system, plus adaptive cleaning fan speed that responds to the topography - controlled either by the operator or the Harvest Command™ option - is designed to help regardless of the conditions and field type and crop you are working in.

  • Grain tank capacity and unloading speed are key to output. With a 113 l/sec unloading rate, 250 Series Axial-Flow combines feature an unloading system of sufficient capacity to empty the grain tank within two minutes.

  • Capable of harvesting over 130 different crops via quick and easy adjustments, Axial-Flow combines are among the most advanced machines on the market. Thanks to the single rotor Axial-Flow design, Case IH combines consistently deliver best grain quality and minimal grain loss.

  • Modern tyre technology allows for a combination of high travel speeds on the road and low ground pressure to protect soils in the field. Axial-Flow® combines can be fitted with anything from VF710/70 R42 tyres for transport widths below 3.5m to IF900/60R32 for flotation on softer soils.

  • Our engineers have created one of the quietest, most spacious and most comfortable cabs on the market, designed for long and profitable days. The Axial-Flow 250 Series has been designed with easy-access and sturdy steps.

  • Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS™) collect and deliver important data for your management decisions on crop cultivation and cost management.

Axial-Flow 250 Series Specifications


Case IH fixed/variable knife headers (2030/3050 range), draper headers (3152 range), flexheaders (3020 range) working widths (m):
Corn header 4400 range rigid / foldable
Pickup headers 3016 range working width (m):

Threshing / separating

Cleaning system

Cleaning fan

Return system

Grain tank / unloading

Straw chopper & spreader



Operator lab

Advanced Farming Systems (AFS)


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