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Case IH NextSwath - perfect turning by App

02 Sep 2015

As part of the Precision Farming solutions provided by Case IH, an interesting extension to the current range of Case IH terminal and autopilot systems is now available.

NextSwath is a fully automatic turning system that boosts the efficiency and precision of arable farming applications. When the end of swath is reached, NextSwath automatically computes and determines the best possible swath for turning the tractor, and then proceeds, completely automatically, to select the best possible swath to follow next.

In practice, this automatic turning process delivers many benefits. It relieves the driver of a substantial workload. When using towed implements, especially ones with large operating widths, it prevents the vehicle from undershooting or overshooting swaths during headland turns. This eliminates any overlooked or overlapping areas in the next swath.

This optimum route calculation during headland turns – NextSwath typically selects the shortest route to the next swath – boosts machine efficiency and hectare-based performance, while at the same time saving fuel.

The system can also be used to great effect with crops planted in rows, or for herbicide spraying applications. Other benefits include soil protection; as the headland area is always driven over in a uniform manner, surface compression is prevented, and on pasture land, young grass shoots are protected.

This new NextSwath turning technology is available with immediate effect for terminals XCN-2050TM and for the FM-1000 Plus with AutopilotTM. It is installed simply by means of an app.

Case IH is imported in New Zealand by C B Norwood Distributors Ltd.

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