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Sleek, dense square balers for big work

19 Apr 2021

A large-square baler at a Case IH dealership in Canterbury is expanding the region's line-up of high-density baling machines.

The Case IH LB436 HD large square baler makes the most of baling windows, giving contractors and farmers maximum bale density and high-quality bales. Built to perform in tough conditions, the baler delivers the highest bale density in the Case IH large square baler line-up, Case IH Product Specialist Ben Payne says.

The baler's chamber is 16% longer and provides up to 50% more plunger force than other Case IH models. A robust compression system and fully automatic bale density control system help achieve higher, more consistent densities and bale weights — even in changing paddock conditions.

Cochrane's of Canterbury are the first dealership in New Zealand to run the Case IH LB436 HD large square balers for its large and varied customer base.

"With the demands on farmers and contractors, equipment needs to deliver more capacity and density to drive the bottom line," Cochrane's Sales Manager James Cochrane says. "With a simple, innovative design and advanced technology to boost productivity, producers can rely on this new high-density baler to drive efficiency on their operation."

A large-density ring uses seven hydraulic cylinders to apply pressure to the chamber for increased density and optimum bale shape.

 "With a simple, innovative design and advanced technology to boost productivity, producers can rely on this new high-density baler to drive efficiency on their operation"

Adding to the machine's overall durability, a heavy-duty frame is designed to withstand high-density loads and maximize uptime. Maintenance is simple as baler adjustments can be made quickly and easily, with ground-level access for routine service (includes slide-out knife drawer, swing-out doors, twine).

The two-speed gearbox provide easy start-up and smooth power flow and maximizes power to deliver 48 strokes per minute, while the TwinePro™ knotter provides reliable tying with the addition of a loop knot, delivering increased knot strength.

Five tine bars and ideal tine distribution reliably and cleanly pick up windrows, even at higher speeds, while the large tine bar diameter handles heavy crop loads.

Other features include a short drawbar for an unobstructed view of the pick up area and manoeuvrability, dual-axle hydraulic suspension for a smoother ride at high speeds and LED work and service lights for maximum operator comfort and productivity through long hours.

The LB436 HD large square baler is equipped with ISOBUS Class 3 integrated automation, providing ease of use, while the intuitive AFS Pro 700 display puts important information, such as bale weight and moisture, at the operator's fingertips. Feedrate Control enables the baler to run at optimal performance by controlling the speed of the tractor and provides two running operations; Charge Control which automatically slows or speeds up the tractor without operator input to run at full capacity, and Slice Control, by which the operator determines the desired number of flakes. The baler automatically adjusts ground speed to reach the target

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