Farmer Stories

Nothing else comes close to the Quadtrac

06 Sep 2018

​Edd Banks runs Manor Farm, Harlton in partnership with his mother and father. The 3000-acre enterprise is primarily dedicated to cereal production and sugar beet, with the straw produced fuelling a biomass plant that heats all buildings onsite including a Wedding Barn run by Edd’s wife, Paula. The farm currently employs one full-time member of staff, a Harper Adams placement student all-year-round, as well as four further students during the summer months. Machinery-wise, Manor Farm is home to a Case IH Axial Flow 9120 with 35-foot header, a Quadtrac 500, a Puma 240 CVX and a Puma 140, with a further two Puma 165 CVX machines rented this summer for harvest.

“We have had a Case IH combine since 1994 but didn’t move to red tractors until 2007,” says Edd. “We bought our first Quadtrac then, a 380, and ended up buying a Magnum 310 and an MXU 135 at the same time as we got a good fleet deal. We have continued with Case IH machines and stuck to the Quadtrac ever since, purchasing the 500 model new two years ago.