Farmer Stories

Maxxum 115: A good all-rounder, with excellent comfort

12 Jun 2019

Mark Webb runs a mixed 450-hectare Cotswolds hill farm in Cheltenham, where he manages a herd of 200 suckler beef cattle and grows milling wheat, barley, oil seed rape and beans. For Mark, finding a tractor that was reliable, comfortable and had good stability was key when the time came to replace his 12-year-old McCormick MC 115. Happily, his new Maxxum 115 seems to have ticked all the boxes…

"When the time came to replace our McCormick, we had a couple of different tractors out on demo and were impressed with the comfort and performance of the Maxxum," explains Mark. "We got a good deal on a new machine and in the two months that we have had the Maxxum on farm, it has performed really well.

"The Maxxum is a very stable tractor, which is essential for us, given the steep and undulating ground that we have to cover. It is also very manoeuvrable; easily handling the tight spaces that I have to navigate when working around farm buildings and cattle sheds."

For most of the jobs around the farm, Mark doesn't need to call on too much horsepower, but for certain jobs, the Maxxum's 20/20 Power Boost has been a great asset.

"We needed a single tractor to do everything on our farm; from mowing and topping work in the summer, through to straw chopping and trailer hauling in the winter. The Maxxum is a well-balanced tractor and is able to do all of the tasks that we need it to do, without being 'over powered'. The majority of the work on the farm is relatively light, so there was no point buying a big, high horsepower tractor. On the occasions that I do need a bit more power, using the Power Boost on the Maxxum enables me to get enough power going through the PTO to run more heavy-duty bits of kit, such as my straw chopper."

Comfort was also a key consideration for Mark when it came to choosing a new tractor.

"My old McCormick was basic and not the most comfortable of rides, so you would certainly feel it after a long day in the cab. In contrast, the Maxxum is extremely comfortable; the other week I spent the whole day topping grassland and I didn't really feel it. If I had been in my previous tractor, I'm not sure I would have been able to walk straight by the end of the day!"