Farmer Stories

Maxxum makes its mark

15 Jul 2019

Paul Livesey helps his father to run a 120-strong dairy herd in Inskip, Lancashire, as well as manage a flock of 90 ewes and grow a small acreage of potatoes. After the successful trial of a Maxxum 145 on their farm last summer, the father and son team were happy to replace an existing John Deere with a Case IH machine.

“We always have one tractor on the farm to do all the heavier work, such as mowing, spraying and ferrying grass at silaging time,” explains Paul. “The time was coming up to replace our existing John Deere and our local dealership, John Cornthwaites, were switching to Case IH and recommended that we give a Maxxum a try. The dealership has always done a fantastic job for us, so we thought that we should take their recommendation seriously.

“Last summer, we had a Maxxum 145 out on demonstration and liked lots about it - especially how well it put down power and how comfortable the machine was. Later in the summer we also went to an open day at John Cornthwaites’ and got to see the ActiveDrive 8 transmission, which we thought would be a useful addition to have, and so requested it as part of our new Maxxum package.”

The Maxxum has been on farm since September 2018 and continues to impress, with the ActiveDrive 8 function being something Paul finds particularly helpful.

“The ActiveDrive 8 feature is great, as you can move easily through the gears at the touch of a button using the Multicontroller on the arm rest in the cab,” says Paul. “This function is especially useful for things like carting grass at silage time, when you are running alongside a forage harvester and have to constantly vary your speed to keep level.

“The fuel efficiency and reliability of the Maxxum has also been very good and the cab suspension makes it a nice tractor to drive; I can happily sit in it all day.”