Farmer Stories

Consistent, high density bales with the LB Case IH baler

23 Apr 2019

​Matthew O’Neill of White Bridge Farm runs a 700-acre farming enterprise in West Sussex, with 450 breeding ewes and 60 beef sucklers with calves. He bales between 17-23,000 bales of hay, haylage, silage and straw each year, including forage for his own farm as well as contracting work.

In 2008, Matthew purchased his first Case IH baler from Ernest Doe Power Albourne in West Sussex after leasing a baler and hasn’t looked back since. His most recent, an LB334P XL, was delivered last year. “We are on our fourth Case IH baler since 2008, and I have been really pleased with all of them, but this one is a notch up from the others,” he said.

“I have probably done about 2,000 bales on the new baler and the XL gets more density in them, which means we get more weight on the lorry and our customers are happy. It picks up well and the longer bale chain and higher density means we get squarer, more consistent bales.”

Matthew also cited the service he gets from Ernest Doe Power as the reason he keeps returning to Case IH. “Our dealer has always offered good service to us and has never let me down,” he explained. “They are so efficient and fast at getting spare parts to me on the few occasions I have needed them and are the reason I came to Case IH in the first place!”