Case IH combine news for 2020: new 150 series Axial-Flow range, 250 series Axial-Flow updates and header upgrades

09 Sep 2019

​New three-model range of 150 series Axial-Flow combines replaces 140 series / Models gain Stage V engines, new styling, wider front tyre option / Higher elevator lift capacity option for 250 series Axial-Flow models / Header options now include 8.5m model for Axial-Flow 140/150 series and 7250 users working to 8m controlled traffic systems

The Case IH line of Axial-Flow 140 series combines aimed at mid-sized farms and contracting businesses becomes the Axial-Flow 150 series for 2020, with upgraded engines that meet Stage V emissions regulations.

“As a specialist in modern combine design that nevertheless uses simple, proven concepts, Case IH does not cater only for large farm and contract harvesting customers,” says August von Eckardstein, Case IH Europe harvesting product marketing manager.

“Axial-Flow principles work equally as well in mid-range machines as they do in our larger models, producing a clean sample and minimal losses across the whole span of combinable crop types. At the same time, their simplicity aids servicing and reliability, characteristics that are just as important to smaller businesses as they are to larger ones.

“Case IH remains unique in our focus solely on a single rotor design with no prior drum and concave, because we believe the simplicity of this configuration to be the best way to achieve reliable, high-output, low-cost harvesting – and with minimal time needed to adjust the machine from crop to crop, that achievement is unaffected by the number of different crop types a business may be cutting.”

New for the 5150, 6150 and 7150 Axial-Flow combines are FPT Industrial engines that meet Stage V emissions regulations, with respective rated ECE 120 power outputs of 278, 333 and 380hp. On the 7150, both unload boost at rated engine speed and peak power have been increased by 11hp to 460hp when compared with the 7140 it replaces, allowing for both extra daily output during unloading and a more constant harvest speed to achieve higher productivity in varying crop conditions. The engines use the FPT-patented Hi-eSCR selective catalytic reduction exhaust after-treatment system that imposes no penalties on fuel consumption or power output. A diesel particulate filter requires only occasional servicing/cleaning, which happens automatically but can be postponed to be done between harvesting stints or on rainy days, thereby not interfering with harvest progress. Should cleaning be required during harvest, ample warning is given to the operator, who is able to postpone the process and continue harvesting until a suitable time can be found.

In an upgrade from the previous 140 series models, new 150 series Axial-Flow combines can be specified with IF800/65 R32 tyres to minimize ground pressure by spreading the combine’s weight over a broader area. Axial-Flow 150 series combines fitted with this option have an overall width that does not exceed 3.5m, allowing them to still travel easily and safely on narrow roads.

For ensuring that neither performance nor safety are compromised when working at night, both 150 and 250 series Axial-Flow combines can now be had with an LED lighting package with long distance and row finder lights, designed to ensure safer harvesting and improved manoeuvring on headlands.  

European deliveries of Axial-Flow 150 series combines will begin in March 2020.

Updates for Axial-Flow 250 series models
New for the Axial-Flow 250 series combines introduced last summer is a feeder/elevator option with a higher lift capacity, enabling the easy handling of larger headers. The new 6,000kg-capacity elevator is complemented by a heavy-duty header drive to ensure that units such as 18-row corn heads can be powered with ease.

One of the key features introduced at the launch of the Axial-Flow 250 series combines was AFS Harvest Command™ automation, which helps the operator to achieve a desired outcome from the machine by selecting a preference, such as a targeted loss level, grain quality, constant throughput or maximum capacity, the machine then automatically adjusting the required combine elements to achieve the desired aim. The 250 series Axial-Flow models with AFS Harvest Command now benefit from improved initial settings that help the machine to gauge more quickly the ideal automation settings to achieve the operator’s desired target when beginning work. This boosts workrate in terms of tonnage per hour across the whole field.

Further updates for the Axial-Flow 250 series include a simpler rubber track alignment arrangement that is easier and faster to carry out, should owners or operators need to tension the combine’s track units. In addition, models for the German, Danish and Italian markets can now be specified with a top travel speed of 40kph, to minimise time spent travelling between fields and farms.

Grain header introductions include new 8.5m unit
With a working width of 8.53m (28ft) to suit 8m controlled traffic farming, Case IH has added a new model to its range of Varicut 3050 auger-based grain headers for 2020, designed for use with 140 and new 150 series Axial-Flow combines as well as the 7250 Axial-Flow model. In the case of Axial-Flow 140/150 series combines, this offers more performance in situations where the 7.5m alternative is considered slightly too small.

Equipped with the same features as established models in the Varicut range, the new header uses an extended version of the frame from the existing 7.5m model to minimise weight. The reel and auger, though, are downsized versions of those used in the larger 9.15m Varicut header, to provide the rigidity required for high capacity harvesting in dense crops. At a weight per metre of 323kg, however, the new model’s weight density is much closer to that of the smaller header than the larger one, benefiting combine stability and minimising damaging ground pressure.

Further changes for the range of grain headers for Case IH Axial-Flow combines of all sizes include a new crop lifter design, featuring a higher lifting profile, for improved lifting of lodged crop up and away from the field surface and a further reduction in losses.


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