Case IH Safeguard Warranty provides UK & ROI customers with extended coverage and complete peace of mind

19 Mar 2020

Case IH Safeguard Warranty enables customers to extend the base warranty on Case IH products / Extended manufacturer warranty, not an insurance-backed third-party scheme / Quick, clear decisions minimise downtime / Best possible coverage and professional service from Case IH dealers / Use of Case IH genuine parts and fluids maintains machine performance, protect customer’s investment and ensures highest residual value.

The new Case IH Safeguard Warranty enables customers to benefit from a full manufacturer-backed extended warranty on their Case IH equipment after the original base warranty ends. This provides them with complete peace of mind, protection against unexpected repair costs and accurate control over operating costs.

“We are delighted to announce the Case IH Safeguard Warranty because it provides our customers with first class protection and the best possible value,” Scott Sylvester, Service Manager, Case IH UK/ROI states. “Customers have the considerable reassurance that, included in the machine price, their Case IH equipment will continue to be covered directly by the manufacturer to the same high level as the original base warranty and that any claim will be dealt with quickly, efficiently and professionally.”

Conventional insurance-based extended warranty schemes often cover a limited range of components and machine owners may have to wait, firstly for their claim to be assessed and then for the insurer to make a decision before repair work can begin, increasing downtime, inconvenience and cost. In many cases the work will then be carried out by a company which is not a Case IH authorised dealer, using non-genuine parts and fluids, with VAT chargeable on the repair cost.

Case IH Safeguard Warranty is an extension of the base warranty, so decisions are quick and clear, allowing the repair work to start immediately and ensuring that the machine is up and running in the shortest-possible time. All work is carried out to the highest standard specified by Case IH, through an authorised Case IH workshop, using genuine Case IH parts and fluids, ensuring a higher residual or second-hand value. No VAT is chargeable, and no insurance tax is payable on the Safeguard Warranty premium, although some markets may impose a minimum repair value or repair contribution.

For tractors 145hp and above, the Case IH Safeguard Warranty extends the base warranty to three years or 3000 hours, whichever is reached first. While there is no excess, there is a minimum claim value on all repairs of £300 (UK)/€300 (ROI), so for example, a £400 invoice would be paid in full. The minimum value can be waived for a small fee and there are options to upgrade the duration or number of hours on the warranty or purchase this extended cover where not offered as standard*. For combine harvesters, the Safeguard Warranty offers cover for 3 years or 1,000 hours, whichever is reached first, and there is no minimum claim value.

* UK only, for ROI local restrictions apply.

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