Latest Axial-Flow® combines keep Case IH at the forefront of harvesting technology

26 Aug 2014

​Case IH has taken harvesting technology to the next level with the introduction of its new 240 Series and 140 Series Axial-Flow® combine ranges for 2015. The 240-Series, comprising the Axial-Flow 7240, 8240 and 9240, are substantially more powerful, while 140-Series models - the 5140, 6140 and 7140 - also feature increased throughput and productivity.

​​​Designed to meet the demands of the largest farms and agricultural contracting operations, under all crop conditions, the flagship 240-Series Axial-Flow models have been developed and are built to the highest standards, delivering the lowest operating costs with greatest reliability. At their heart is Case IH’s proven Axial-Flow single rotor technology, which provides all the benefits associated with this advanced concept, including thorough threshing, minimum losses, gentle grain handling and excellent grain quality.

When Case IH introduced the single-rotor combine in 1977 it revolutionised the agricultural industry and since then approximately 150,000 have been put to work on farms around the world. Increasing engine power and consistent development of the single rotor concept are just two of the features which have continually optimised the performance of these exceptional machines in high-yielding crops, under European conditions.

The new 240-Series Axial-Flow combines represent the culmination of the company’s decades of experience with this unique concept, ensuring that Case IH remains the specialist and trendsetter in high-performance harvesting technology.

Featuring further improvements in engine power outputs, the 7240, 8240 and 9240 deliver 498hp, 571hp and 636hp respectively, compared with 449hp to 571hp for the 7230, 8230 and 9230 which they replace. All are powered by Cursor 16 engines, which were developed by Fiat Power Train (FPT), CNH Industrial’s in-house engine specialist. Voted ‘Diesel of the Year’® 2014 by Diesel Magazine, they provide unrivalled power and efficiency. Small in size, but with excellent performance and high power output, these class-leading engines are characterised by their outstanding power-to-weight ratio and efficiency, combined with low fuel consumption and emissions.

Complying with the latest Tier 4 Final emission standards, Cursor engines feature HI-eSCR technology, a system which has been patented by FPT Industrial and reduces emissions by 95%, while further increasing performance, fuel efficiency and reliability. They incorporate a number of other advanced features, including a new variable-speed cooling fan which always operates at the optimum speed to minimise power requirement and engine noise.

One of the key features of the 240 Series models is that, in addition to well-proven Case IH standard tracks which reduce ground pressure in soft field conditions, they also offer the option of fully-suspended tracks. Available in widths of 610 mm and 724 mm, these feature four idlers which operate in two pairs. The design allows the tracks to adapt more accurately to ground contours, providing a much smoother, more stable ride, both in the field and on the road. In addition to a larger ground contact area, which reduces ground pressure and actively supports the larger 14,400-litre grain tank, the new fully-suspended tracks also improve stability, ensuring that even the widest headers remain level under the most difficult field conditions. The overall width on 610mm tracks remains under 3.5m.

Case IH Axial-Flow combines are also offered with the latest tyres from Michelin and Mitas, which utilise low pressures to support high cyclical loads. This results in a large footprint and reduced ground pressure, even where large headers are used.

240-Series Axial-Flow combines have been designed to operate with the latest generation of Case IH VariCut headers, which optimise productivity and minimise grain losses. While the 7240 can be specified with 6.1m, 7.6m or 9.2m headers, the 8240 can handle 7.6m, 9.2m, 10.7m and 12.5m headers, the 9240 headers from 7.6m to 12.5m wide.

Designed specifically for European conditions, the new VariCut headers allow operators to maximise output. Customers can choose from variable position knife headers, ‘Terra-flex’ flexible knife headers, draper headers for cereal and pulse crops, pick-up headers for speciality crops and multi-row corn headers. All are capacity-matched to each model to maximise productivity.

To save time in the field, 240-Series models feature large grain tanks with capacities of up to 14,400 litres, while maximum unloading rates are 156 litres/sec. The length of the auger allows a comfortable distance to be maintained between the trailer and combine when unloading on the move, enabling true 12m Controllled Traffic Farming systems to be implemented. The integral straw chopper is perfectly matched to the capacity of each model and guarantees a perfect foundation for the following crop.

Providing an unrivalled working environment for the operator, the ‘Luxury’ cab features electrically-adjustable mirrors, generous storage space, a semi-active seat option and a refrigerated coolbox.

Case IH Axial-Flow combines are developed and built to deliver efficient reliable productivity with ease of operation. A key element in achieving this is the AFS AccuGuide GPS-controlled auto-steering system, which automatically guides the combine to within 2.5cm, while features such as the ‘Clean Out’ function which on the AFS Pro 700 screen provides major time savings.

Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) telematics are now able to collect and deliver key data continuously to the customer’s PC via the internet, facilitating real-time decisions on crop cultivations and cost management. They also provide owners with constant access to fleet data, even when machines are in use, allowing numerous new applications in the areas of machine monitoring, fleet management, servicing and commercial analysis. The new AFS Connect telematics system can be used to optimise processes and increase machine efficiency.

“No combine is simpler or more comfortable to operate than the new 240 Series Axial-Flow models,” states Paul Harrison, Harvesting Coordinator for Case IH - EMEA Region.

The new Case IH Axial-Flow 5140, 6140 and 7140 models have been optimised to meet the requirements of mid-sized arable operations. All feature increased throughput and productivity whilst producing the highest grain quality and reducing losses to almost nil, even under tough conditions.

Optimised to operate in all crops, under European conditions, the new 312hp Axial-Flow 5140, 400hp 6140 and 449hp 7140 models are powered by six-cylinder turbocharged and aftercooled diesel engines. Replacing the previous 299hp 5130, 387hp 6130 and 415hp 7130 versions, they are equipped with the latest-generation Case IH headers, the 5140 with a choice of four units from 4.9m-6.7m, the 6140 and 7140 with six headers from 4.9m -7.6m and 10,570-litre grain tanks which can be unloaded at up to 113 litres/sec.

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