Case IH introduces new range of operations for XXL tractors

27 Mar 2015

Case IH Quadtrac 620 also proves ideal for filling bunker silos / Extended range of operations for Quadtrac in contracting and large farming businesses / Optional front linkage available with immediate effect / Filling and rolling of bunker silos as well as spreading of liquid manure ready for everyday use in practice

Just in time for the forage growing season 2015, Case IH introduced a new range of operations for the Quadtrac series: An optional front linkage further extends the broad range of applications for this ‘XXL tractor’ with immediate effect.
In addition to the familiar range of operations in arable farming, where the Quadtrac has earned its excellent reputation due to the unrivalled traction – in particular when both power to the ground and soil protection are needed – now also new applications open up.
During the 2014 harvest of corn silage, for example, the Quadtrac proved to be a highly efficient solution for the filling and consolidation of bunker silos.
Equipped with front linkage and a 5 metre shield, the Quadtrac handles the spreading of 53 cubic metres of corn silage in just one pass. The uniform weight distribution and the weight of the Quadtrac as such ensure optimum consolidation without additional ballast weights.

Fuel-efficient replacement for two wheeled tractors
Practical experiences give evidence that due to its high performance, one Quadtrac can replace two conventional wheeled tractors.
In a field test, the Quadtrac 620 also proved to be clearly more fuel efficient when compared to competitors’ machines – with an average consumption that was 8 litres lower than with other large tractors. In direct comparison with wheeled tractors, the Quadtrac also convinced with its excellent climbing capacity even on steep and high silos.
With the markedly enlarged range of operations, the profitability of the Quadtrac in contract businesses and large farming operations with biogas and/or dairy production increases accordingly. In addition, Case IH experts yet see further operations in organic fertilisation. Due to the low pressure on the soil, there are high performance concepts for the spreading of liquid manure and fermentation residues. "This perfectly matches the well-known advantages of the Quadtrac concept. With an efficient transportation supply chain, the Quadtrac allows for soil conserving application. The potential to start applications earlier in the season and work longer during night hours further increases the efficiency and sustainability of the system – and this is particularly true in light of the recent changes of the legal framework for the spreading of liquid manure", judges Ulrich Sommer, Case IH Product Marketing Manager for the Quadtrac.

  • Quadtrac 620
  • Quadtrac 620
  • Quadtrac 620

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