Optum AFS Connect™ Series

The Optum AFS Connect is the first choice for real pros: with its powerful yet efficient engines up to 340 horsepower, the continuously variable CVT Drive transmission and its compact size.  It is equipped with AFS Pro 1200 High-Definition touchscreen monitor, AFS Vision Pro operating system, AFS Vector Pro receiver enable you to configure precision farming functionality and tractor systems the way you want. The Optum AFS Connect has set new standards for high-performance tractors.


271 - 340 HP


CVT Drive

165 – 220l/min

Optum AFS Connect™ Series

Enduring productivity

Take profit from increased power and efficiency with an extension of the range to up to 340 hp that covers more hectares at lower cost. Discover a new level of comfort and smart design with the brand new cab and innovative software solutions. Powered by 5 years AFS Connect Advanced Telematics, you have the freedom to take the right decisions supported by all available data – at the right time, anywhere and from any device.

Optum AFS Connect™ First Impressions: Ed Glover

Ed Glover gives his thoughts on the new Optum AFS Connect.

Made for the Real PRO: powerful, compact, highly manoeuvrable, excellent power-to-weight-ratio combined with the most comfortable and connected cab. To handle any task with maximum performance and efficiency.

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  • An innovative cab powered by advanced solutions: discover a new level of comfort and smart design with the brand new Optum AFS Connect cab, the proof of our passion for industry- leading technology with unmatched level of quality.
  • As efficient as it is productive: the Optum AFS Connect delivers power and torque for demanding field and transport applications, delivering the highest levels of comfort and performance. Optum AFS Connect bolsters the maximum productivity in any circumstances featuring high power-to-weight ratio that delivers farmers desired versatility for any field operations.
  • Continuously variable - Continuously efficient: the CVT Drive continuously variable transmission is built to deliver the exact speed for your operation without compromise. It delivers greater performance, productivity and efficiency, while incorporated new  improvements to the hydrostatic unit, control software, driveline components, rear differential, and rear PTO maintains reliability and durability.

  • Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS®) have been at the forefront of precision farming for more than a decade. Case IH AFS tools include everything you need to achieve repeatable accuracy down to 1.5 cm, reduce overlaps, cut operating costs and maximise your profitability.
  • Find your own new way of farming: AFS Connect is a farm management system that provides easy access to important farm data, optimising performance and productivity. It can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with a free MyCaseIH account. Anyplace. Anywhere. Anytime.
  • The AFS Connect™ portal is a gateway to the Optum™ AFS Connect™ series tractor, added connectivity helps to maximize uptime and keep operators in the field via support features available, and three new system components enable you to configure precision farming functionality and tractor systems the way you want.
  • Increase uptime and keep your costs to an absolute minimum.

    This Case IH service package comes with the tractor and includes the professional services you need to help you reach the full potential of your Case IH machine:

    • Increase the resale value of your machine with SAFEGUARD WARRANTY
    • Increase the operator safety and performance with the OPERATOR TRAINING
    • Maximize your machine use and prevent downtime with PRE-SEASON CHECK
    • Faster repair and less downtime with MAXSERVICE
    • Increased productivity per hectare with AFS Connect
    • Increased productivity and faster repair with the telematic alerts of the Case IH CONNECTROOM
  • A workplace as comfort zone: enough space to work and feel comfortable without worries: take a seat in the large, luxurious, operator-oriented and intuitive cab of the Optum AFS Connect™.
  • Ready for Any Terrain: with an excellent power-to-weight ratio and a high maximum permissible weight, Case IH Optum AFS Connect™ tractors are strong in the field and on the road.
  • Attractive and functional exterior: stylistic components such as an attractive tri-stripe decal and updated grill help the Optum AFS Connect™ series tractors to stand apart from the crowd, but additional exterior features provide functional benefits and assist with visibility:
    1. LED grill headlight
    2. 360-degree egress lighting
    3. ​Four camera feeds viewed on the AFS Pro 1200 monitor, two cameras standard on the active leather cab configuration
    4. Telescoping mirrors adjustable from the cab
    5. Cab and front axle suspension is optional
    6. Tyre pressure monitoring sensors​
  • Increase Your Efficiency Year-Round

    Advanced Farming Systems improves productivity and agronomic performance while reducing inputs. AFS delivers intuitive precision farming solutions that increase efficiency – all year round.
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  • Uptime is always on our mind. Because it’s always on yours.
    We know time is critical in this business, and the less you need to spend on servicing the better. Daily maintenance on Optum AFS Connect™ tractors is straightforward, easy and quick in order to reduce costs and machine downtimes.


AFS Connect Steiger Tractor with Precision air cart


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