Large Square Baler Automation

Experience unprecedented levels of technology-enhanced automation in your baling operations. Case IH Large Square Baler Automation automatically adjusts tractor speed to optimize crop feeding for consistent, high-quality bales. Advanced LiDAR-based swath analysis automatically steers the tractor along the swath, maximizing baler productivity. Baler Automation makes every operator a seasoned veteran.

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The Next Level of Baling

Industry-leading automation is now available for large square balers. With Case IH Baler Automation, your tractor and baler seamlessly work together to deliver consistent, high-quality bales even as field and crop conditions change. With no operator involvement, the tractor speed is automatically adjusted to match the windrow volume to maximize baler throughput. Using a LiDAR (Light Detecting and Ranging) sensor mounted on the cab, the windrows are followed automatically by the tractor, even at night, delivering hands-free operation.

Your benefits are simple: consistent bale quality, maximum efficiency, and a more simplified operator experience.

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  • Baler Automation Makes Every Baler Operator an Expert

    Baler Automation works using LiDAR technology. A sensor mounted on the front end of the tractor cab’s roof emits a laser pulse to the area in front of the tractor. Consistent pulses are reflected by the surface of the field and the swath. Distance is calculated based on the elapsed time between the emission of the laser pulse and the sensor receiving the reflection. The system then immediately calculates the position and shape of the swath, sending critical information to the ISOBUS of the tractor to adjust steering.

    The sensor also measures tractor speed and, depending on swath volume, reduces speed to prevent overloads or increases speed to maximize productivity.

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