Austoft Cane Harvesters

The Austoft 9000 Series Cane Harvesters offer powerful engines, an intelligent hydraulic system and a number of other innovations that allow for greater harvesting capacity at a lower operating cost. The Austoft 9000 Series Cane Harvesters also offer a factory-installed telematics system which provides tools for agronomic data management.


Austoft 9000 Series

Fields Ahead of the Rest

The Austoft 9000 series cane harvesters are designed to work efficiently while keeping operating costs low.

High Productivity

  • FPT Cursor 11 engine 420 hp
  • Optimised hydraulic system

Low Operation Cost

  • Working with 1600 rpm engine
  • Intelligent piston pumps

Easy Maintenance

  • Easy access on maintenance components
  • Modular bolted chassis
  • +30,000 hours of field bench testing

Explore Features

  • The Evolution of the Leader

    A pioneer and leader in the sugarcane industry

    The high performance of Case IH sugarcane harvesters results from over 50 years of product research and development, and significant investments to offer advanced solutions to the sector.

    The technological innovations offered by our harvesters provide not only high productivity and reliability, but also contribute to delivery of a raw material in accordance with industry specifications.

    Case IH is present where agriculture is the most advanced, and has its global plant installed in Piracicaba, Brazil, from where it exports its harvesters to the five continents. The Austoft 9000 Series harvesters are equipped with the Smart Cruise intelligent engine to optimise fuel consumption for simpler harvesting.

    The Austoft 9000 Series incorporates all the reliability of more than 25 years of the Austoft Series with a unique Case IH Technology Package. When harvesting in the most adverse conditions, the simplicity of operation and maintenance, low operating cost and excellence in after-sales service make Case IH the most cost effective option.

  • Technology that Makes Operation, Maintenance and Management Easier

    Grind in comfort with best-in-class visibility, an ergonomically positioned console and intuitive layout of controls. Easily manage and review your operations with the Case IH Pro 700 Plus display.

  • Effective in the Harshest Conditions

    Featuring 45° crop dividers with a bolted base shoe to reduce the need for welding in the field and increase harvester availability. The rotating toe is designed to reduce the possibility of soil disturbance. The side trim knife (standard) prevents the adjacent stool from being ripped out and contributes to optimized feeding of the basecutter. The side trim knives feature hydraulic adjustment from the cab (optional). Their hydraulic circuits have been changed from series to parallel to ensure greater efficiency, regardless of the power required by the topper.

    • The front feed roller has larger fins to provide greater efficiency in guiding and feeding the sugarcane stalks to the basecutter.
    • The Auto Tracker, automatic base cutter height control (factory-fitted) senses base cutter pressure and height to ensure uniform cutting with reduced losses and stool damage.
    • The feed roller motors have fewer hoses, to make maintenance easier. Featuring the powerful Extreme Chopper for faster harvesting in plant cane, even in high productivity areas.
  • Reduce Impurities and Cane Loss

    The topper is equipped with an extended mast that allows cutting of the tops in the tallest sugarcane crops. Its 40% more powerful motor increases productivity in high yield areas. 

    The exclusive Antivortex system reduces trash and cane loss and increases load density. With it, the power demanded by the primary extractor has been reduced by about 30 hp compared to the conventional system. 

    A new structure with a rectangular profile has been developed to support the primary extractor, that is, to increase strength and avoid cracking. 

    The secondary extractor, with a 360° turning angle, allows the hood to be directed in any position and allows trash to be thrown away from the transport.

  • Designed to Withstand Impacts and Long Harvest Seasons

    The 9000 series chassis is composed by modular sections joined by screws forming the main chassis. The main structures of the Harvester are also bolted to the main chassis:

    • Upper and Lower hydraulic tank
    • Primary extractor structure
    • Topper Support
  • Designed for Longevity and Efficiency

    The hydraulic system features intelligent piston pumps with individual electronic controllers that allow exact adjustment of the flow required for each function, without wasting power.

    Another New Closed Circuit is the Chopper System, which allows working at higher pressures and smaller engines, contributing to cost reduction and increased hydraulic efficiency.

    Due to the increased efficiency of the pump designs, there is less heat generated, allowing the system to work at lower hydraulic oil temperatures, thus increasing component life and reducing fuel consumption.

  • Superior Cooling Performance

    The cooling system includes a radiator cooling package comprised of an engine coolant radiator, intercooler, hydraulic oil radiator, and air conditioning condenser.

    This system is located on the upper part of the harvester, reducing buildup of debris and sucrose.

    Air for radiator ventilation enters through a wide fixed screen, and the fan is hydraulically driven and reversible. To keep the air intake screen clean at all times, the fan is automatically reversed every 20 minutes, expelling all impurities captured in the air intake screen.

    The operator may also reverse the fan through a button in the cab at any time in the event of any irregularities in the engine coolant or hydraulic oil temperatures.

  • Adjust to Changing Conditions

    The Austoft 9000 Series has a variable hydraulic flow combined with automatic controls that adjust harvesting functions based on operating conditions. It optimizes fuel consumption, prevents “choking” and automatically acts on two levels.

    LEVEL 1 • Increases rpm of harvest functions based on base cutter and chopper rollers pressures.

    LEVEL 2 • If increasing the rpm of the harvesting functions is not sufficient to reduce base cutter and chopper pressures, the ground speed is automatically reduced.

    When base cutter and chopper roller pressures return to normal levels, ground speed automatically increases to the previous setting on cruise control.

  • Intelligent Smart Cruise Engine

    The Case IH intelligent engine – works by optimising fuel use. Its main benefits are:

    • A reduction in diesel fuel consumption without operational losses.
    • Less stress on the hydraulic system.
    • Less reliance on the operator to adjust the engine speed.
    • Reduces operator fatigue
    • Customers reported fuel consumption savings of up to 26% compared to machines without Smart Cruise.
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