25-50 Ft (7.6 – 15.2 M) Width

FD2 Series FlexDraper By MacDon

The FD2 Series FlexDraper By MacDon offers both rigid and flexible cutterbar configurations, variable cutting speeds, a wide range of cutting widths and a head-first feeding design for unmatched harvesting efficiency

Axial Flow Combine with McDon F2 Flex
Cutting Widths

25-50 ft.

Knife Width

3 in.

Reel Speed

0-67 RPM

Reel Diameter

65 in.

FD2 Series FlexDraper by MacDon

Customize to Match Your Farm

Matched draper delivery openings and variable draper speeds provide uniform crop flow into the combine for unbeatable harvest performance. Get a consistently close cut with in-cab header tilt adjustments, fore-aft reel positioning and a smooth, low-profile cutterbar design.

With model options from 25 to 50 ft widths, the FD2 offers industry-leading ground contour following, superior crop feeding, exceptional durability and simplicity.

Explore Features

  • Advanced Cutterbar Technology for a Clean, Close Cut

    Maximum Cutterbar Flexibility
    The FD2 features a floating three-section flexible header with double and triple reel configurations. This allows the entire header frame, cutterbar, and reel to follow ground contours as a complete unit, flexing up to 17 inches on either end while maintaining a close reel-to-cutterbar relationship, even at extreme flex.

  • Versatile Reel Reduces Crop Loss In Any Field Condition

    The FD2 reel features a uniquely shaped cam, allowing the draper to get underneath lodged crop and pick it up before it's cut. Triple reels provide a closer reel-to-cutterbar relationship and ShatterGuard Reel Positioning sets the reel back to prevent shatter on the ground.

  • Cut Optimization

    The F2's ClearCut High-Speed Cutting System delivers clean, fast cuts to maximize your crop’s yield. 

    ClearCut High-Speed Knife Drive: Cut through the most challenging conditions with ClearCut High-Speed Knife Drive, featuring a robust output shaft, direct hydraulic drive, and a flywheel for smooth operation.

    ClearCut Knife Sections: A longer blade and optimized knife shape provide you with faster, cleaner cut quality, even when running at high ground speeds. 

  • Get a Close, Clean Cut Every Time

    The FD2's ClearCut High-Speed Cutting system with two knife guard options delivers a clean cut at faster speeds. ClearCut pointed knife guards allow for high cutting speeds while ClearCut PlugFree knife guards minimize plugging in the poorest conditions.

  • Glide over Rises and Divots

    With the F2's Active Float System and ContourMax contour wheels, the FD2 cuts close to the ground without pushing dirt, keeping the blades flush with the soil to deliver a clean cut and consistent stubble height.

  • High Volume Heads-First Feeding

    The FeedMax Crop Feeding System optimizes performance with heads-first feeding and a massive, 50 inch deep draper for even the tallest, bushiest crops.

  • Long Lasting Durable Frame

    The FD2 features a five-sided back tube, creating a durable platform to handle the increased capacity needs of 50 inch deep drapers.

  • Convenient and Easy Fine-tuning

    Maximize and make the most of your time in the field with easy, on-the-go adjustments. With the onboard Set-It-Right Multi-Tool, you can customize the FD2 to your unique harvesting conditions. Other adjustment points are easily accessible and clearly marked.


Axial-Flow Combine Headers Brochure - Full Layout

Axial-Flow Combine Headers Brochure - Full Layout

Axial-Flow Combine Headers Brochure - Page Layout

Axial-Flow Combine Headers Brochure - Page Layout

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