20 - 35 FT WIDTH

Flex Auger Heads

Case IH flex auger heads allow you to master uneven terrain, limit grain loss, and guarantee even crop feeding. Plus, for the ability to harvest all crop types, choose the optional TerraFlex™ suspension system or the standard rigid cutterbar mode.

Flex Auger Head
Cutting Widths
20 - 35 ft.
Vertical Flex Range
6 in.
Auger Diameter
26 in.
Auger Speed
147 RPM

Flex Auger Heads

Built for Tough Conditions

The Case IH flex auger heads feature the innovative Terraflex™ suspension system, providing a wider range of adjustments. With a fully-welded frame, a high-capacity knife drive and a smooth feeding system, these flex auger heads are versatile, durable and designed to match the high capacity levels of the Axial-Flow® combines.

Explore Features

  • Built to Handle the Toughest Harvest Conditions

    The 3020 flex auger head is fully welded with an impressive 6-in by 6-in top frame beam and 4mm auger floor.

    Crop Dividers - The 3020 header incorporates poly crop dividers that have a simple but very effective design, gently presenting the most down and tangled crop to the reel and cutterbar while positively following ground terrain.

    Divider Types - Our standard medium length crop divider is recommended for most crop conditions, with an optional long crop divider available for tough conditions, such as tall and viney crops. Rod crop dividers are available.

    Header Drive - PTO shaft(s) transfer shaft-driven power to both the auger and knife drives. The knife drive is driven with a heavy duty belt. The auger drive is driven with a heavy duty #80 chain.
  • Superior TerraFlex Suspension System

    One of the most impressive features of the 3020 header, setting it apart from the other auger heads, is the optional TerraFlex™ suspension system. The TerraFlex™ provides a wider range of adjustment options than competitive hydraulic suspension systems. Integrated grain saver prevents crop from falling off the cutterbar, with fewer moving parts and reduced friction leading to reliability and responsiveness.

    • Easy Cutterbar Adjustments: Ground Pressure is controlled by a fully adjustable torsion block and easily adjusted by manual adjustment screws on the back side of the header.
    • Total Inches of Travel: Six total inches of travel, three up and three down
    • Optional In-Cab Cutterbar Adjustment: The operator is able to change the down pressure on the cutterbar instantly from the comfort of the cab, while adjustments are easily made to accomodate ever-changing ground conditions
    • Skid Shoes: Reel position sensors are located on both reel up/down and fore/aft, while its short profile allows the shoes to follow constantly changing ground conditions. Pressure from the cutterbar is only spread over a small area on the skid shoes, it will prevent the header from “pushing” in soft or muddy conditions.

    Rigid Cutterbar Mode: For cutting off the ground in crops such as wheat, the cutterbar can be locked rigid. The Cutterbar is locked by simply moving a locking pin on each suspension arm.

  • Achieve Excellent Cut Quality

    Knife Drive
    • Single heavy-duty high capacity wobble box knife drive
    • The knife drive is belt driven from the left side of the head
    • 30 & 35 ft headers have available dual knife drive for use in heavy crop or cutting across rows
    • The guard and knife ensure that down and tangled crop is picked up and properly cut
    • The 3020 header comes standard with a 3-inch fine cut knife and guard
    • The 3 inch knife provides excellent cut quality while promoting high cutting speeds
  • Increased Grain Savings and Grain Quality

    • Six Bat Reel: The Case IH 3020 six bat reel positively sweeps the crop, and then gently lifts the crop over the cutterbar to the auger, designed for gentle crop engagement to ensure proper feeding and cutting.
    • Reel Position Sensors: Reel position sensors are located on both reel up/down and fore/aft; the reel is automatically programmed to the set height of the header. This allows for a short bean and a tall bean setting for the reel. Proper reel position increases grain savings and combine productivity.
    • Reel Options: There are two tine options available for the 3020 header, consisting of plastic tines, which are recommended for most crop types and conditions, and steel tines, for more demanding conditions such as rice and tough down crop.
    • Reel Finger Timing: Reel finger timing is adjustable on all 3020 headers with a simple lever and wrench, providing the ability to tailor reel feeding based on crop types and conditions.
  • Smooth, Easy Feeding

    • Auger: To promote grain quality and smooth, consistent crop feeding, the 3020 header uses a large 26-inch diameter auger, featuring a 5-inch deep flighting to gently convey the crop from the cutterbar to the feeder.
    • Auger Floor: All 3020 heads include as standard equipment a stainless steel auger floor for smooth, easy feeding The transition from the cutterbar to the auger floor provides an easy flow of crop over the front floor dam into the auger trough.
    • Auger Adjustment: The 3020 header promotes crop and header adaptability with a fully adjustable auger to fit the customer's harvest needs; the auger can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally.
    • Auger Drive: The auger on the Case IH 3020 header is driven by a #8 drive chain, ensuring a long chain life and positive auger drive even in tough crop conditions.
  • State of the Art Manufacturing

    To ensure the highest levels of quality and reliability Case IH has made significant investments into head manufacturing. All Case IH 3020, 3100 series drapers and 4400/4200 series corn heads are built in Burlington, Iowa. The Burlington plant began building Case combines in 1937 and recently has gone through extensive renovations to incorporate the latest manufacturing technology. The Burlington assembly plant embodies the heritage of Case IH.


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