Liquid & Dry

Trident Combination Applicator

The most productive high-clearance row crop combination applicator on the market, the Trident ™ 5550 delivers industry-leading changeover times to help you cover more acres and meet demands across three seasons of use — preplant, postemerge, postharvest.

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Engine Horsepower
390 HP
Applicator Type
Liquid & Dry
Change-Over Time
42 min*
Seasons of Use

Trident Family

Purposeful Solutions Across Three Seasons

The Trident 5550 liquid/dry combination applicator didn’t earn CropLife IRON “Product of the Decade” honors for nothing. With a 42-minute changeover time, the Trident 5550 is the fastest-converting high-clearance row crop combination applicator. Built with industry-leading horsepower in a high-clearance applicator, high-capacity configurations, 40 MPH roading speeds and a system that delivers a throughput of more than 60 gallons per acre, the Trident 5550 is the Combination Applicator that puts the rest to shame.

Explore Features

  • New for Model Year 2024

    The Trident 5550 combination applicator updates for the 2024 season bring a focus on maximizing productivity and increasing accuracy. The addition of AIM Command FLEX™ II delivers individual on and off nozzle control, adjustable nozzle pulsing frequency – 10, 15, or 20 times a second, higher flow rates and enhanced diagnostics. The expanded boom options, now reaching 135-ft, allows more acres per pass.

    Plus additional enhancements have carried over from the Patriot 50 series sprayers. These include push to connect hydraulics, a nozzle wash station and increased product flow capabilities.

  • A Quick Change Tool that Works Fast

    A combination applicator that takes hours to switch between liquid and dry isn’t a true combination applicator. The Case IH Aerial Lift Device helps convert from the Trident 5550 Liquid System to the NL4500T G4 Edge or NL5000 G5 variable rate dry nutrient applicator in just 42 minutes.* The fast, easy changeover puts you back in the field sooner, helping you make better use of your fleet.

    *Changeover achieved in 42 minutes by three people using a telehandler and the Case IH Aerial Lift Device outdoors. Changeover times and manpower could be reduced in a controlled environment, using an overhead hoist. 

  • AIM Command Flex™ II – Ultimate Sprayer Control

    AIM Command FLEX™ II is an advanced spray technology that delivers the ultimate in sprayer control for added precision and more efficient use of time and resources. Here's how it works:

    • Pulse Width Modulation: AIM Command Flex II ensures a constant application rate and spray pressure, even when the sprayer speed changes. Think of it as a way to switch nozzle tips without stepping out of the cab. Once a standard tip is chosen, AIM Command FLEX II automatically and precisely regulates the flow to meet targeted application rates. Operating at up to 20 pulses per second, the nozzle valves adapt their duty cycle to maintain the correct application rate.
    • Application Rate: Regardless of speed, ground conditions or field shape, AIM Command FLEX controls product flow and pressure, optimizing application rates and droplet sizes for consistent application.
    • Turn Compensation: Ground speed varies across the boom during turns — causing underapplication on the outside of the boom and overapplication on the inside. AIM Command FLEX eliminates this issue by adjusting flow rates on each individual nozzle across the boom during turns.
    • Direct Injection: (1,400 gallon tank only) allows for selective spraying for exceptional accuracy and easier rinsing.
  • Get More Done with Each Pass

    Meet the demands of complex nutrient programs. The Trident 5550 combination applicator with the optional New Leader® NL4500T G4 Edge or NL5000 G5 variable rate dry nutrient applicator lets you spread product faster, wider and more consistently. Apply up to four products at once with the MultApplier™ option.

    • Precision Technology: ​​Spread dry fertilizer up to 120 feet and ag lime up to 60 feet with consistency.
    • Intuitive Interface: New Leader with ISOBUS electronics seamlessly interface with the AFS Pro 700 or Viper4+ controllers. Advanced hydraulics support precise, independent spinner speed and conveyor control.
    • Apply up to Four Products: The MultApplier™ option increases productivity by applying two products simultaneously or independently. Add micronutrients via the MultiBin™ option and apply up to four products in one pass.
  • Spend Less Time Filling, More Time Spreading

    Whether liquid or dry application, the Trident 5550 liquid tanks with a capacity of up to 1,600 gallons and dry application bins with high capacities and configurations to apply multiple products at once.
  • A Combination Applicator with Row-Crop Design

    The Trident 5550 liquid/dry combination applicator is the industry’s first combination applicator on a row-crop chassis that’s engineered from the ground up to be changed from liquid to dry and back again throughout three seasons of use. 

    • Frame: The backbone, it carries every component of the system under some of the toughest conditions imaginable. Constructed of welded tubular steel with additional plates and gussets at key stress areas.
    • Load-Compensating Suspension: Handles high-capacity loads over a wide range of speeds. The system maintains ride quality and load leveling and adjusts automatically according to operating mode and load weight.
  • The Most Powerful High-Clearance Combination Applicator Available

    At 390 engine horsepower, the Trident 5550 is the most powerful high-clearance liquid/dry combination applicator available. And thanks to Case IH Efficient Power technology, it generates more power with less fuel for a lower operating cost.

    The hydrostatic drive provides infinitely variable speed control. Full-time 4WD provides excellent traction in all types of conditions. Individual wheel traction control senses slip and helps the machine power through those tough spots.
  • A Combination Applicator With Row-crop Flexibility

    The flexibility of the Trident applicator allows you to configure your machine to fit your operation. Featuring easily adjustable axle widths, factory-available dual options in various spacings and high-capacity braking.

  • The Surveyor® Cab

    With 109.5 cubic feet of interior space, the Surveyor cab provides exceptional leg room to stretch during long hours in the cab. The operator’s seat features a 20-degree right swivel, footrest pegs from the steering console plus multiple highly customizable settings to provide the perfect position. With well-positioned controls, customizable lighting and over 68 square feet of glass, the Surveyor cab has exceptional visibility. Choose from two cab options:

    • Deluxe Surveyor Cab: cloth operator and instructor seats, soft-grip steering wheel, rubber floor mat.
    • Luxury Surveyor Cab: temperature-controlled heated and ventilated red leather operator seat, adjustable lower operator seat cushion, leather instructor seat, carpeted floor mat, automatic temperature control, intermittent windshield wipers.
  • Case IH AFS Keeps You on Track

    Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) brings the latest, most advanced precision technology to the Trident 5550 combination applicator. In addition to AIM Command FLEX, AFS offers AccuBoom boom section control, AutoBoom® XRT boom height control, AIM AccuPlacer™ for side dressing and AFS AccuGuide or RS1 autoguidance for repeatable accuracy.


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