32” - 48” BALE WIDTH

Large Square Balers

Higher capacity, greater bale density, and greater efficiency than ever before with steering sensors, lighting packages, heavy-duty pickup reels and additional twine storage.

Case IH Tractor and LB 436 baler
Bale Width
32” – 48”
Plunger Speed
48 spm
Pickup # of Tines
112 - 136
PTO Required
109 – 250 HP

Large Square Baler Family

High Density, High Capacity

The Case IH LB436 HD large square baler has a patented two-speed gearbox, robust compression system, ISOBUS Class 3 integrated automation and a reliable TwinePro™ knotter system, all made to increase the efficiency of the baler and set standards in bale density and ground speed. 

Explore Features

  • Design with a Purpose

    The LB4 series large square baler isn’t just another pretty piece of equipment: It is designed from the ground up for long life and superior performance. On the outside, the unique curved shape allows it to shed crop debris. The baler width has been reduced by 2 feet to improve visibility to the rear and sides of the baler and takes up less space on the road and in the shed. Composite side panels are lighter, rust proof and fade resistant. And underneath that curvy red exterior is an amazing workhorse that has more capacity than its forerunners.
  • Efficient, Optimized, Hands-Free Baling

    Industry-leading automation is now available for large square balers. With Case IH Large Square Baler Automation, your tractor and baler seamlessly work together to deliver consistent, high-quality bales even as field and crop conditions change. Without any operator involvement, the tractor speed is automatically adjusted to match the windrow volume to maximize baler throughput. Using a LiDAR (Light Detecting and Ranging) sensor mounted on the cab, the windrows are followed automatically by the tractor, even at night, delivering hands-free operation.

    Your benefits are simple: consistent bale quality, maximum efficiency, and a simplified operator experience.

  • Advanced Baling Technology

    Feedrate Control enables the baler to run at optimal performance by controlling​ the speed of the tractor. Using Feedrate Control, the baler controls the tractor’s forward speed through ISOBUS Class 3 commands, maintaining desired capacity by using a charge sensor. The system then calculates the best speed based on the information received from the sensors.
  • Reduce Loading Time

    All Case IH Large Square Baler Accumulators are fully automatic, reducing loading time by up to 50%. The accumulator holds three to five bales and dumps them in uniform, pickup-ready bales. All work on a variety of bale lengths and conditions.

    Available in vertical and horizontal stacking models:

    • AC3108: standard horizontal three-bale accumulator for 3x3 bales
    • AC4108: standard horizontal three-bale accumulator for 4x3 bales
    • AC5150: horizontal five-bale accumulator for 4x3 bales
    • VS1206: vertical three-bale accumulator for 4x3 bales
  • Setting the Standard for Twine Quality

    Plastic twine from Case IH is made in the USA and continues to be the hay and forage industry’s standard for quality. Options available include:

    • PLASTIC BALING TWINE provides tight bales that are consistent in size. The twine is uniform diameter and strength to perform in harsh applications with guaranteed knot and tensile strengths.
    • BALEKEEPER PLASTIC TWINE is designed with the value-conscious farmer or operator in mind and is available in the most popular knot/tensile strengths and lengths.
    • SISAL TWINE is 100% biodegradable, mildew resistant twine that helps keep your fields healthy. Sisal twine features uniform thickness consistent tensile/knot strength.
  • Create Denser Bales Economically

    The TwinePro design allows for up to 30% increased knot strength. Bale density may be increased using the same twine or current bale density maintained using lower strength twine.

    Improved Forage Quality: The knot looping process eliminates offcuts, which prevents twine pieces contaminating feed and reduces environmental impact.

  • Consistent Airtight Wrapping Performance

    Case IH silage film provides high-puncture resistance and precise thickness control for consistent, airtight wrapping performance. High stretch ability and high cling properties ensure a tight, secure bale wrap without ripping.

    Strong, white polyethylene tape is ideal for repairing your silage film, insulating and sealing. The repair tape features high UV and water resistance.

  • Technology Helps you Tie it All Together

    The LB4 series baler is no exception when it comes to a built-in AFS experience. With the intuitive easy-to-read AFS Pro 700 display, users are able to control and monitor key parameters on LB4 series balers. A camera feed on the bale chute allows a visual from the cab on every bale as it’s ejected. Opeartors can monitor bale weight, moisture, density, flake count and consistency; and detect misties all while recording these important details with each bale drop location. All your data can be seamlessly uploaded to AFS Connect™ for remote viewing or sharing with trusted partners.

  • Don't Let the Sunset Stop Your Productivity

    Oval lights are positioned for greater visibility and can be controlled from the comfort of your cab through the monitor soft key. An optional service light package is available to provide optimal brightness for working at night. LED light bars are mounted in the twine boxes, knotter box, pickup and stuffer areas for working at night
  • Enhancing Performance. Simplifying Service.

    Case IH balers are designed to give you continuous performance, no matter the crop or condition. We build our balers so that service and maintenance are simple, and that everything is easily accessible. When you choose one of our balers, you’ll benefit from less time in the shop and more time in the field.
  • Introducing the New Case IH LB436 High Density Baler

    The New LB436 High Density Baler is engineered with innovative features to handle more material and more weight in extremely dense bales. The LB436 HD Baler optimizes activities like transportation, storage, feeding and handling to create an efficient and profitable operation for the producer and the grower. Key features include the award-winning smartshift gearbox, the industry’s first hydraulic axle suspension, and a new 5-bar pickup. Get a first look at some of the new features and specs in this video with Case IH Hay & Forage Marketing Manager, Brian Spencer.


Read What a Producer Has to Say About the LB334P XL

“The LB334P XL has been a very reliable baler. The self-lubricating system increases productivity and makes for less maintenance for the operator. I like the self-contained hydraulics. It is easier on a tractor and it makes a perfect packed bale every time. The optional light kit helps with night time service and safety to everyone. It is a very easy machine to operate. I recommend the LB334P XL to anyone looking for a big square baler!”

Matthew Kreul
Kreul Farms


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