1000 RPM

Pull-Type Forage Harvester

The Case IH FHX300 pull-type forage harvester swiftly harvests crops. The 1,000-rpm driveline, heavy-duty components and wide crop heads harness big-tractor horsepower and turn it into high-capacity harvesting performance.


Pull-Type Forage Harvester
PTO Required
180 HP
Windrow Pickup
92 in. (2.3m)
3-row 28-32 in.
Crop Processor

Forage Harvester Family

The Harvester Leading the Pack

Built to last, the Case IH FHX300 pull-type forage harvester features stainless steel feedrolls that move material smoothly into the rugged, 21-in cutterhead. The large throat opening, 1,000 rpm blower and choice of crop head allow you to quickly convert crop into high-quality feed.

Explore Features

  • Smooth Feeding for a Uniform Cut

    The feedrolls and cutterhead work together seamlessly to process crop. The Stainless steel feedrolls feed the crop evenly into the cutterhead for consistent cutting. Feedroll direction is controlled remotely from the cab.
    The rugged, 21-inch cutterhead is equipped with 21 hardened-alloy knives that span the full width, providing uniform length of cut.
  • Blowing Power to Move Crops Quickly

    A powerful 1,000-rpm blower moves crops quickly to fill wagons and trucks fast. Works efficiently regardless of whether working with wet, heavy hay or easy-to-blow crops like corn.
  • High-Capacity for More Productivity

    The high-capacity throat of the FHX300 has a wide, 25.5-inch opening, made to swallow even the heaviest of crops.

  • Precise Cut-Length Adjustment

    The FHX300 allows you to choose the cut length to fit your needs. Achieve cut lengths from 3/16in. to 1 5/16-in. Options for controlling the cut-length include:
    • Changing the feedroll speeds
    • Using one of five optional cutter screens
    • Adding or removing knives – with all 12 knives, cut length ranges from 3/16-7/16 in. With only 4 knives the cut length can be as long as 1 5/16in.
  • Easy, Remote Spout Positioning

    The electronic remote control allows you to control the FHX300 from your tractor seat. You can:
    • Change the rotation of the spout, to fill forage wagons
    • Alter feedroll direction, forward or reverse
    • Control basic pick up functions
    • Adjust standard hydraulic tongue swing from road to field position
  • Sensors Stop Feedrolls Before Damage Occurs

    The FHX300 is built with detectors to stop feedrolls within a fraction of a second — before metal can damage the cutterhead or contaminate feed. A light and horn alert when metal is detected and the feedroll is stopped. The in-cab feedroll control allows you to back the material out of the feedrolls.
  • Gather the Entire Crop

    The HDX20P is built for easy maneuvering in hilly terrain and smaller fields. The heavy-duty gauge wheels handle rough ground without gouging. The open end design combined with closely-spaced flexible pickup tines pull in the entire windrow.
    The floating auger handles heavy crop conditions and reverses with feedrolls to clear plugs in case of overload.
  • Grab Every Stalk

    The HDX3R head grabs every stalk to get the most out of your crop. The cutting discs shear corn close to the ground and are spring-loaded to move out of the way of obstacles. Gathering chains grasp cornstalks and feed smoothly into feedrolls. Right- and left-hand power dividers also guide heavy crops into feedrolls. The points float over ground contours and adjustable skid shoes eliminate bulldozing.
  • Maximize Feed Quality

    Add an optional crop processor attachment to maximize feed quality in corn silage. Case IH crop processors save time and costs by chopping and processing in one operation. This results in:

    • Better fermentation
    • More effective fiber in the ration
    • Feed that’s easier for livestock to digest


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